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Randy Blue - Brett, Chad and Porter

April 19, 2010
Randy Blue - Brett, Chad and Porter Randy Blue's Brett Swanson is yet again up to his hardcore bottom antics, with Chad Hollon and Porter Wescott right along for the ride. After a whole lot of passionate kissing all around, Brett gets on his knees and starts sucking cock. First Chad, then Porter, then going back and forth between each hunk like the cock starved boy that he is. Once the studs have had enough of the oral though, it cums to time to fuck and fuck they surely do! Brett is one of those insatiable bottoms who can take it deep and hard and Chad and Porter really didn’t take it easy on him. Whether one had their rock hard dick down his throat or up his gorgeous ass, they showed no mercy and ass and face slammed the living hell out of him like he so loves. If you’ve never seen Brett Swanson get doubled ended, this might be your chance. This beautiful hunk is by far one of the best bottoms in the business!

Hairy Boyz - Aitor Rides Antonio’s Fat Dick

April 17, 2010
Hairy Boyz - Aitor Rides Antonio's Fat Dick With a hot, furry fucker like Antonio Biaggi from Hairy Boyz in front of him, cock out and ready to ride, it’s not surprising whatsoever that Aitor Crash turned into a total dick pig for the man. He wastes not time at all dropping to his knees in order to devour Antonio’s extra large dick, doing his very best to deep throat it’s entirety. Antonio certainly approves and rides out a very long blowjob the likes of which is quite rare in gay porn these days. Usually men just suck each other off enough to get the dicks hard and then fuck, but not Aitor. Oh no. He brings Antonio right close to the edge and then takes the ride of his life. First on top so he can control how deep that huge dick goes up his man hole, then on his back like the complete cock slut that he is!

Man Avenue - Nick Fucks Ryan’s Hot Ass

April 16, 2010
Man Avenue - Nick Fucks Ryan's Hot Ass Ryan came into town horny as hell, so his first order of business was to call up fellow Man Avenue fuck buddy Nick. Nick has a great muscular body and big, fat dick that never quits. Absolutely perfect for how cock hungry Ryan was. Nick showed up at the hotel dressed to the nines and looking fantastic in his business suit. Ryan was beside himself with lust and already has his clothes off ready to take the stud on. He asked Nick to pose for him a while, flexing his chiseled arms and chest. Nick soon gets tired of this though and went after what he came all the way across town for – a piece of ass. He shoves his rock hard man meat down Ryan’s throat and fucks his face good and deep. Ryan handles it, but just barely. Grabbing the back of Ryan’s head, he works his shaft in and out, in and out. The head is great and all, but Nick is craving something much tighter around his dick after some time. Bending insatiable Ryan over, he works his fat schlong in a little at a time. Ryan may be horny, but he’s still pretty tight. Once Ryan’s hole has loosened up enough to accommodate Nick’s ram rod, Nick fucks him every which way but loose!

Sean Cody - Hot Muscleman Marc

April 12, 2010
Sean Cody - Hot Muscleman Marc Wow! Marc is huge all over and we mean..ALL over. “I love the gym,” Marc told Sean Cody. “I got bit by the metal bug when I was a teenager.” Now 25 years old, Marc still spends a good 2 to 4 hours a day in the gym pumping iron. There’s certainly no doubt that all that hard work has paid off. Wouldn’t you agree? Check out the mass on this dude! Marc’s pecs, arms, shoulders and chiseled abs have me just about in a daze here. I’ve got a real thing for muscle. Currently boasting no less than 230 pounds of pure beefcake, Marc is actually in the midst of training for a bodybuilding competition. So we’re catching him at a very good time I think. As much as Marc’s muscle is incredibly impressive and all, what Sean Cody, as well as ourselves, find the most astounding though, is how Marc’s cock still doesn’t look small in comparison the rest of his body. In other words, the man was blessed with a whopper!

Randy Blue - Richard Slams Sean’s Ass

April 10, 2010
Randy Blue - Richard Slams Sean's Ass Richard Pierce is always incredibly intense to watch and of course, this is why Randy Blue try to feature him as much as possible. However, teamed up with the likes of a gorgeous hunk such as Sean Everett, Richard looks even better if you can believe that. Sean knew who the boss was right away in this shoot, going down on Richard’s already rock hard man meat in seconds flat. Richard could see that he had control of that handsome face and mouth and used it all to his advantage. Once satisfied with the great head bestowed upon his thick cock from Sean though, he bends his quarry over for a tongue fucking that is sure to have you rimming fans out there chomping at the bit. This is where Sean is literally begging for that steel hard stud stick up his perfect man hole. Which he certainly gets tenfold and with all the intensity and then some that Richard is now infamous for!

Bang Bang Boys - Paulo Slams 2 Hot Asses

April 7, 2010
Bang Bang Boys - Paulo Slams 2 Hot Asses To simply call Paulo Massa of Bang Bang Boys “well hung” would be a massive understatement. “Massive” being the operative word here too. Yes indeed, this latino stud carries one gigantic fuck rod between his legs and of course, Poax and Gabriel Liarh were up for an amazing ride on it. Like who wouldn’t be?! Poax and Gabriel wake up a napping Paulo, literally diving onto his incredible, uncut monster. Before long it’s a sucking and rimming train that got me hard in seconds. Eventually, both bottoms are almost begging to have that immense latino cock meat up their asses. One at a time though. When Poax isn’t getting his man hole ruined, he’s got his own big dick down Gabriel’s hungry throat while Paulo invades the other. Then the positions are reversed until there’s so much latino cum flying around, you’d think it was raining semen!

Bait Buddies - Str8 Stud Chasen Fucks A Guy

April 5, 2010
Bait Buddies - Str8 Stud Chasen Fucks A Guy Bait Buddies refers to this shoot as “Cowboys and Indians”. Chasen is from Texas and is totally straight. Standing no less than 6′5″ tall and packing a whopper of a dick, he would be the “Cowboy” of course. Damon Audigier is the bait in this scenario. He’s a true, blue Indian and while a fair amount shorter than Chasen, he’s certainly no less hot. With an adorable face and gorgeous bubble butt on him that loves to be filled with a rock hard piece of man meat, it’s no doubt be can turn a straight dude on to some gay play! Chasen has no idea what he’s about to get into really as things start off with some innocent, side by side, fleshlight jacking. As you can see from the first pic up top, Damon looks as though he wants to devour Chasen’s throbbing cock and in time, he does. Chasen loves it of course, evident by the ecstatic look on his handsome face as Damon does his best work on his fat dick both orally, as well as anally, until Chasen blows his thick, creamy load all over Damon!

New York Straight Men - Ben Blows Aaron

April 3, 2010
New York Straight Men - Ben Blows Aaron Redheaded cock sucker Ben has been pretty busy over at New York Straight Men lately. With so many Big Apple straight hunks showing up to get serviced, it’s all he can do to keep up with the list. As usual though, he doesn’t let anyone down and that would include hot, hairy, horny fucker Aaron. Aaron has a new girlfriend, but apparently she’ll only let him fuck her and isn’t into giving head. Well we all know that not much beats an experienced male dick swallower and Ben is one of the best in the city. Bar none. Aaron found this out all too well as he fed his man meat to the ginger haired submissive. The way Ben nibbled on his thick mushroom head and deep throated his shaft gave him sensations he never knew existed. Then there was his cum shot. What a mess!

You Love Jack - Charlie Jack Beats His Meat

March 31, 2010
You Love Jack - Charlie Jack Beats His Meat You Love Jack brought adorable, horny twink Charlie Jack for some more beating off and the boy is even better at it than the last time he was around! He may be packing 7 inches on the scale, but it sure looks a lot larger on video. Especially whenever he gets really close to the camera and shows it right off. As you can see, Charlie isn't shy at all and had no issues with spreading his sweet hairy man hole for us all. Then it was back to some serious edging. Charlie likes to make his orgasmic ride last a long, long time. So we get to see that tactic in his full video. Each stroke is like a further step to heaven. As would be expected though, eventually he squeezed a luscious load of hot boy jizz from that super fat cock of his. What a hottie and quite the entertainer!

Daddy Mugs - Daddy Cums In The Hot Tub

March 28, 2010
Daddy Mugs - Daddy Cums In The Hot Tub We don’t get to see Daddy Mugs by himself very much, so whenever he decides to rub one out solo, I simply must post it. The man is just damn sexy to me with the thick, hairy chest and great smile. After spending some time in the Florida sun and seeing so many gorgeous men on the beaches, by the time Daddy got back to the condo, he was pretty damn horny. So he poured himself a nice bubble bath and had some fun. He showed off that big, hairy butt of his for the camera and eventually got down to stroking one off. I love the last picture where Mugs’s cum is mixed in with the soap!

Blake Mason - Joshua Rubs Out A Load

March 26, 2010
Blake Mason - Joshua Rubs Out A Load Blake Mason refer to Joshua as "Mr. Gorgeous" and one look at this lad, it really is hard to argue with that moniker. Joshua is a fit and sporty bloke from Wales with one of the most beautiful pairs of eyes I've ever seen. As you can see, he's got a fantastic smile, as well as a sexual intensity about him that had me hard as a rock in seconds flat. We're pretty sure Joshua will have the same affect on you. Of course, eyes and a fine body are great and all, but once Joshua pulls out his big, fat, uncut cock for a wank, that just about put me over the edge. He fumbles around in his sexy white briefs for a while, rubbing his increasingly growing erection through them. Eventually, Joshua ends up on the couch though and sprays out a very impressive load of cum all over himself!

Fratmen - Hot Baseball Jock Harley

March 22, 2010
Fratmen - Hot Baseball Jock Harley Fratmen are still pumping out some very hot college jocks and their brand new hunk Harley here certainly is no exception. The man loves his baseball and one look at that superb ass and thick legs and you know the man is damn good at the sport. Now, that is not to say that Harley is not without some other amazing assets as well of course. With a gorgeous set of eyes, a sensational smile and an uncut cock that I'm sure anyone would love to wrap their lips around and service for a good while, the boy has got it all going on. Wait until you see him beat off and blow his load too!

Randy Blue - Reese Fucks Eric Hard

March 20, 2010
Randy Blue - Reese Fucks Eric Hard Reese Rideout has been getting a little restless lately due to the fact that he’s done pretty much everything when it cums to porn. Being a big star does have it’s downfalls apparently. This was until Randy Blue paired him up with Eric Pryor of course though. Eric has been making quite the name for himself lately and he sure shows off his new found skills in this shoot. Every guy who has had the pleasure of fucking his tight, gorgeous hunk ass has said he’s the best fuck they’ve ever had. Then again, his cock sucking skills are second to no one as well. Reese soon found this out and almost shot his load before even fucking the hungry dude! But hey, we all know Mr. Rideout. He never cums until it’s time and in this case it was after pounding Eric’s sweet man hole fast, hard and deep. Man oh man, the spunk sure was spent in this fantastic finale!

Sean Cody - Jake Fucks Cameron’s Ass

March 19, 2010
Sean Cody - Jake Fucks Cameron's Ass Cameron absolutely loved getting his hot ass pounded deep and hard by Trevor a while back, so it didn’t surprise anyone at Sean Cody that he was quite interested in doing it again. This time though, it was Jake who was willing to do the honors and as you might know, he’s a little bigger in the well hung department than Trevor. So Cameron was still in for something new when he hooked up with the gorgeous muscle stud. Both of these fuckers are gorgeous and watching such masculine men suck cock, rim ass and do the bump and grind like they do in this video is nothing short of fantastic. As you can see from the pic up top, to say they were into one another is a serious understatement. They made out for a good while in the most passionate and lustful sense possible before stripping off their clothes and getting down to some serious business!

Extra Big Dicks - Christian Hammers Kurt’s Ass

March 15, 2010
Extra Big Dicks - Christian Hammers Kurt's Ass Extra Big Dicks brought together a couple of pretty “Wild(e)”, hot fuckers for some good old fashioned sucking and fucking action and of course, no one was disappointed. Kurt Wild loves nothing more than to suck on a big, fat dick and Christian Wilde brought along all that the horny bottom needed. Kurt wastes no time at all going down on Christian’s extra large man meat, showing off that he really does know his place – on his knees. He literally slobbers all over Christian hefty man pipe, deep throating the majority of it. Christian was both amused, as well as highly impressed. So much so that he bent Kurt over and played with his tight ass for a while. This would include some finger fucking and a bit of rimming with his deft tongue. This was where Kurt had had enough and really needed to get his man hole filled to the hilt. Well…he certainly got that and you can probably guess how it all ended!

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