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Southern Strokes - Luke Cums On Himself

March 13, 2010
Southern Strokes - Luke Cums On Himself Say hello to very sexy 23 year old Luke from Southern Strokes. Who ever said that geeks don’t have sex appeal? That certainly isn’t the case with this boy. Luke loves to mess around in his work clothes too and even left his tie on while he stroked his amazing 8.5 inch cock. Then there’s the fact that Luke keeps all of his body hair and sports a very nice bush of pubes surrounding his fantastic dick. While a total amateur and all, Luke is quite the performer in front of the cameras and knows how to tease by taking off his clothes a little at a time. Once the pants are off though, Luke’s man meat is already pointing straight out and ready for a good stroking. Which of course he does for us all and then blesses us with one astoundingly impressive cum shot that literally goes over the hot hunk!

Coco Dorm - Imagination Fucks Lil Mann

March 10, 2010
Coco Dorm - Imagination Fucks Lil Mann Lil Mann from Coco Dorm may look like a black thug from the streets, but if there's one thing he loves it's getting his hot ebony mouth and ass fucked with a huge cock. Imagination was around to fulfill that task for him and as soon as he pulled out his ass wrecker, there was Lil Mann on it like a man gone starving. He deep throats the monster black cock the best he can and Imagination certainly approves. So much so that he rims Lil Mann's hot ass for a good long spell before taking his top position up inside his fellow gangtas tight man hole. Then Lil Mann jumps on top of that fuck pole and goes for a nice, long orgasmic ride!

Circle Jerk Boys - Dark Well Hung Rio

March 7, 2010
Circle Jerk Boys - Dark Well Hung Rio Rio, at 6′6″ tall and 230 lbs., is a prime example of the men that Circle Jerk Boys like to get a hold of. The man is all stud as you can see right off the hop. The way he looks at us with that intense glare, the way his legs are spread apart with that huge cock looking right at us, his incredible body. With a man like him, you don’t really care about his sexual orientation do you? I don’t care personally. The fact that I get to see him beating off is enough for this pervert. Besides, in my mind, the man loves to fuck other guys and I just happen to be a bloke he loves to fuck. Sure, it might be a pipe dream, but looking at his gorgeous latino fucker, dreams aren't hard to cum by, right? Fuck no!

Blake Mason - Twink Tyler Blows A Load

March 6, 2010
Blake Mason - Twink Tyler Blows A Load Blake Mason had been trying to get gorgeous, uncut, well hung twink Tyler into the studio for a wank since before Christmas, but his nervousness and scheduling conflicts got in the way. Finally though, things came together and Tyler was ready to put on a great jerking off performance for us all. With a sweet, lean body and a cock that I'm sure any one of us would love to suck on for a good long while, Tyler is a dream cum true and then some. A total amateur of course, perhaps he'll gain a bit more experience and we might even see him getting it on with another hot UK lad. For now though, we can all see him shoot that huge load of his on video over at Blake Mason!

Randy Blue - Cody Gets Dildo Fucked

March 3, 2010
Randy Blue - Cody Gets Dildo Fucked Rocky Houston was pretty new to the whole ass play thing before Randy Blue hooked him up with Cody Fallon, but it looks as though he was open to some new erotic sensations. Right away Rocky is pretty submissive with Cody, giving the impression of melting in the hunk's arms once they start kissing. Like, who wouldn't fall apart while making out with Cody?! After some tongue tango, the clothes soon come off and Rock has his legs spread apart for some fun. Cody presents a dildo and proceeds to work Rocky's very tight man hole with it. As you can see from the expressions on his handsome face, Rocky loved every damn second of it too. A ton of oral action soon follows, with both men releasing messy, sticky loads of jizz all over the place!

Men Over 30 - Eddie Fucks David Chase

February 28, 2010
Men Over 30 - Eddie Fucks David Chase David Chase is really horny and so he strips everything off and starts beating off. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door and it turns out to be his fellow Men Over 30 buddy Eddie. Eddie’s looking for a piece of ass to fuck with this big, uncut latino cock and before long he realizes that David is need of a good ass pounding. Especially as he sits beside him on the couch in nothing but a gray jockstrap. Eddie drops to his knees and gets David’s cock hard in no time – literally deep throating the entire 8+ inches! It’s all David can do to keep from cumming of course, but no, he’s up for much more than this. Eddie rims David’s man hole for a good long spell and then of course his bottom is begging to have that fat, latin ram rod up his hole. Eddie is never one to dissappoing and sets about fucking David’s hairy hoop in many positions!

Extra Big Dicks - Drake Takes Trevor’s 9 Inches

February 27, 2010
Extra Big Dicks - Drake Takes Trevor's 9 Inches Trevor Knight walked into the Extra Big Dicks studio, pulled out his 9.5 inch cock and Draken Jayden literally dropped to his submissive knees to engulf it. didn't really go down like that, but pretty fucking close! The truth is, Drake and Trevor both have massive cocks, it just so happens that Drake was more than willing to do the deep throating and take it up his tight ass. Tight is the right word too, as Trevor's gigantic man meat is enough for even a top pro to handle - and then some. For those of who really depend on really big schlongs for a good time, this shoot will certainly be up your alley. With so much hard shaft to check out as Drake goes from being face fucked to butt pounded, it's a veritable size queen's paradise!

Bad Puppy - Gorgeous Uncut Twink Devin Moss

February 24, 2010
Bad Puppy - Gorgeous Uncut Twink Devin Moss The very first time I saw Devin Moss from Bad Puppy, I spilled my coffee all over myself and got an instant hard-on. I mean, look at this boy! Those eyes grabbed me right off the hope and that was when he was fully clothed. Naked though, Devin is by far one of the most gorgeous twinks I think I've ever laid eyes on. Now....about that cock of his. Did you just suddenly get hungry for a big, fat piece of sausage? And uncut to boot! Yeah, it takes a special kind of twink for me to have this kind of reaction, but Devin Moss blew my fucking mind immediately. It just goes to show you that no matter how many men you might cum across on the internet, there are still plenty enough that some of them may disturb your dreams - in a very good way - for a long time to cum!

English Lads - Anthony Takes 12 Inches

February 22, 2010
English Lads - Anthony Takes 12 Inches English Lads managed to get Anthony Carson back for more, but this time the lad really showed everyone his true colors. say the very least. Anthony has always claimed he's straight. That is when he hasn't got a cock down his throat though and in this case; Matt Hughes' monster man meat up his ass. Yes, it's true. He literally jumped at Matt's massive, uncut dick and did his best to suck a good portion of it. Another rather rare scene in this video is that Matt actually gave Anthony some head back. He isn't known for reciprocating much, as usually he doesn't need to. That cock of his is enough to get anyone in the mood for a good fuck. Anthony impresses the hell out of the entire world here by taking a very large amount of Matt's man hammer up his ass. It was slow going at first, as his hole had to get used to something that big inside it, but things went quite well as you can see!

Sean Cody - Tommy Throttles Troy’s Ass

February 20, 2010
Sean Cody - Tommy Throttles Troy's Ass Troy has been hinting for a while to the folks at Sean Cody that he was willing to try some man-on-man action, but he really broke out of his mold in this fantastic shoot with Tommy! Troy loves to suck cock and with one as big as Tommy's at his disposal, he really went to town on it and then some. He did his best to deep throat it, but I think even the most experienced of cocksuckers might have some trouble with a schlong as long as Tommy's. Of course, Tommy had to return the favor and show the newbie what a real blowjob is all about. This was pretty much all it took for Troy to be in the mood to take Tommy's fat schlong up his tightly muscled ass. He was a tad nervous and more than just a little skiddish about taking such a large dick his first time around, but once his man hole was loosened up a bit, it was all smooth sailing!

Bang Bang Boys - Latino Hunks Fuck Raw

February 19, 2010
Bang Bang Boys - Latino Hunks Fuck Raw Bang Bang Boys has a very special treat for us this time around. While latino hottie Bruno is usually found doing the ass fucking when it cums to hardcore bedroom action, this shoot shows off his ability to take another fat latin dick up his sweet, smooth ass. Bareback to boot. His fellow Brazilian in the sack is Alan and the man has the skills to work a tight man hole such as Bruno's and then some. Starting things off, he pulls out a small ass toy and primes Bruno's sweet brown hole with it for a good spell. With each stroke, we can see how itching Bruno becomes to have even more inside him. Alan prepares Bruno's hot hole the best he can though of course. No cocksucking is needed in order to get Alan in the mood for banging some boy ass and Bruno takes his man meat good and deep!

Bulldog Pit - Hardcore Interracial Threeway

February 15, 2010
Bulldog Pit - Hardcore Interracial Threeway Brazilian blatino stud Carioca is always great to watch as he fills a hot man ass, but this time around, Bulldog Pit has him teamed up with fellow French top Thierry Lamasse. The two very well hung men get the chance to work over an extremely submissive and eager to please Lui Devin. He deep throats each man's formidable shaft one after the other. This has both of them hard in no time at all, especially when Lui gets the chance to dig his tongue deep into Carioca's man hole for a good while. Following this, Carioca and Thierry start checking out their conquest's asshole to see what is waiting for them. Bending him over, each man takes his turn filling it up while the other feeds his machine like throat. A lesser bottom may not be able to handle two such big, hard pieces of man pipe. Not Lui though. The man is one impressive fuck toy to say the very least!

Randy Blue - Aaron Caine

February 13, 2010
Randy Blue - Aaron Caine The first thing you might notice about about Aaron Caine is that he’s got the most gorgeous blue eyes. Surrounding them is a very handsome face and underneath all this is a tight, muscular body that anyone would love to get very close to. Just recently doing a shoot on Randy Blue Live, Aaron was of course a huge hit among members. For one thing, his ability to do vocal impressions and accents is highly entertaining. Of course, when he gets naked that’s when all the laughing turns into moans of lust and wanting. Aaron has a sensational curve to his dick, which he says offers some great angles for fucking a hot ass with. He strokes with the utmost of passion and so much sexual energy that you don’t know if he’s going to cum at any given moment. When he finally does, it’s with the force of a tidal wave and makes a huge mess!

Straight Boys Jerk Off - JJ Shows Off His Big One

February 10, 2010
Straight Boys Jerk Off - JJ Shows Off His Big One JJ was a real special treat as Straight Boys Jerk Off found out when he took off his clothes. As you can see, the lad is nothing short of fucking gorgeous. He could be his high school football team’s quarterback, the captain of the basketball team, and your daughter’s boyfriend all at the same time without a problem I’m sure. So his face is adorable and his body is perfect for sure. But what about what he pulls out of those boxer shorts? I swear I almost choked on my coffee when I saw this pic. It’s thick, dark and delicious. With a good 8 inches of length that could tame any hot hole it entered. Damn this boy is some hot I tell ya!

UK Naked Men - Wrestle and a Fuck

February 8, 2010
UK Naked Men - Wrestle and a Fuck Robin Fanteria wanted to learn some wrestling moves from Michael Hunt of UK Naked Men, so the two of them head down to the gym to get sweaty. Robin is new to grappling, so Michael takes it easy on him a bit, however, when it cums time to pin his pupil to the mat, he doesn’t hold back much. Robin finds himself getting turned on beyond belief and can feel Michael’s very large cock getting hard inside his track pants. This is all the indication Robin needs to go down on the thick, uncut cock and does so with intense vigor. Michael approves of course and soon can feel how much his grappling partner needs his tight, hungry ass filled up. Robing climbs right on top of Michael, finally getting what he really wanted when he talked the big dicked stud into going down the mat with him!

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