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Extra Big Dicks - Cliff Fucks Val’s Tight Ass

November 19, 2010
Extra Big Dicks - Cliff Fucks Val's Tight Ass Cliff Jensen of Extra Big Dicks is 21 years old and stands 6'3" tall. To top that off, he's got a massive 8.5 inches of stud meat between his legs and if there's anything he loves to do, it's take that dick and slam it into a tight man hole. Enter Val Aris, who was more than up for that kind of action up his butt. First however, Val dropped to his knees and did his best to inhale the majority of that cock down his throat. He did a rather impressive job of it too. Even Cliff was impressed and he's had a lot of people try. Cliff gets right into sucking dick too though, so it wasn't long before some 69 action was being had. This got both men revved up immensely and pretty soon Val had every thick inch of that ram rod slamming his hungry fuck hole!

Bound Gods - New Dom Drew Cutler

November 16, 2010
Bound Gods - New Dom Drew Cutler Bound Gods picked up a new potential Dom by the name of Drew Cutler. He certainly has all the sexual charisma one might expect from a Master, he just needed to experience some of what he'd be dishing out to slaves and that came from both the hands of Van Darkholme and even submissive Gianni Luca for a while. Bound to a pillar, Drew is made to endure some pain and discomfort, but Gianni can only do so much in that regard. He's a true slave from head to do. So the tables are soon turned and the Italian hottie is suspended from ceiling, flogged and thoroughly fucked up his hairy ass by well hung stud Drew. It may take some work, but Drew could certainly join the ranks of the best of the best at our favorite hardcore BDSM site!

Hard Brit Lads - Luke Toys His Ass

November 12, 2010
Hard Brit Lads - Luke Toys His Ass There aren't many things hotter than watching a hot twink with a huge cock toy his ass until he shoots a massive, messy cum load. That would be Luke Pascoe here from Hard Brit Lads. The boy is adorable and while very tall, as you can see, he's very slight. A scally lad perhaps? Sure, why not. One thing is for sure, this horny bloke can take some serious ass toy up his hungry hole. It's just about as large as his own dick as a matter of fact. After settling back on the couch for a spell and getting his man hammer throbbing with lust, Luke takes that dildo and fills his insatiable twink hole right up with it. isn't another dude's cock, but certainly the next best thing. I suddenly got very thirsty looking at all that hot, steamy twink jizz!

Randy Blue - Ashton Sucks Off Andrew

November 8, 2010
Randy Blue - Ashton Sucks Off Andrew Between Andrew Stark’s huge cock and Ashton Dale’s incredibly sexy demeanor, these two hunks are amazing to watch as they service one another orally in this new Randy Blue video. First of all, the way they get along even off the set is impressive. They were so at ease with each other, you’d think they were long term pals or lovers in real life. Truth be known though, they had just met prior to this smoking hot deep throating, cock sucking marathon that is sure to leave dick lovers in a sweaty, cum drenched heap as they check this video out. Andrew is the first to start working Ashton’s fast growing boner, but we all know that it’s pretty tough to keep one’s hands and mouth off of a super big cock. So Ashton is sure to reciprocate. A 69 ensues that leaves very little to wonder how much these two gorgeous men love dick. Fucking sensational is the only way to describe this pairing!

Naked Kombat - DJ Wins Sebastian’s Ass

November 4, 2010
Naked Kombat - DJ Wins Sebastian's Ass Sebastian Keys was 3 for 3 up until his latest match-up at Naked Kombat with nude scrapping veteran DJ. Sebastian may have a ton of mixed martial arts training under his belt, but he wasn't prepared for the passion and slippery moves that DJ brought with him onto the mat this day. Sebastian sure gave him a run for his money though and there are a few moments in their fight where one has to wonder if DJ bit off more than he could chew. But no, before long he had Sebastian tied up knots and dominated his ass like he is so well known to do. Tuckered out and a bit confused as to what to do next, Sebastian gets his face and throat fucked hard and nasty like by the always merciless DJ. He eventually relents - as there really is nothing else he can do - and thoroughly enjoyed the hard ass fucking DJ gave him in many positions!

Sean Cody - Jess Takes Francisco’s Ass

November 1, 2010
Sean Cody - Jess Takes Francisco's Ass Well…it would seem that Francisco caved into Jess’ hot stud charms, just like so many others have done over at Sean Cody. We all know how much Jess has taken to fucking a hot, tight man hole since he started shooting with them and now can add a sizzling piece of latino ass to his repertoire. Francisco was beside himself with lust when he first met Jess and no one can really blame him for that. Jess had him relaxed in no time flat and as soon he started giving him some head from the back, that really had Francisco’s juices flowing and ready for a good ass pounding. Jess has become a very attentive top these days and takes cares very good care of a bottom properly before plunging his big hard-on inside him. How utterly generous of him! He He.

Randy Blue - Gorgeous Dark Haired Hunk Milo

October 28, 2010
Randy Blue - Gorgeous Dark Haired Hunk Milo Milo Sommers in the sunny outdoors is enough to make anyone melt with lust and desire. His honey brown skin stretches across a lean, tight body that was meant for sex and all it entails. Randy Blue was sure to capture this very talented amateur like only they know how to do. Milo says that jerking off is one of his favorite pastimes and as he seems to be so damn good at it, none of us can doubt that fact at all. While Milo loves his big, hard cock, he also really has a thing for his man hole. He fingers it, teases it, and works it so nicely. While this might be his first time ever doing a nude shoot for a big time gay porn site, Milo is not gun shy at all. In fact, his personality is one of incredible energy and intensity. The things this man is capable of are not limited one bit. We all look so forward to seeing what Milo gets up to in the near future at RB!

College Dudes 24/7 - Buddy Fucks Teagan’s Ass

October 23, 2010
College Dudes 24/7 - Buddy Fucks Teagan's Ass In this College Dudes 24/7 shoot, Buddy Davis takes a great, bit, ass fucking bite out of Teagan Scott's insatiable man hole. When it cums to smoking hot men putting on fantastic cock sucking and hole ramming action, it doesn't get much better than this! Things get heated up with some mutual blowjobs and deep throating fun before Buddy bends Teagan over to rim his his butt hole with his very talented tongue. Needless to say, this drives Teagan pretty much around the bend and pretty soon he's literally begging for that huge dick of Buddy's inside him. Never one to disappoint, Buddy is sure to give him exactly what he's looking for and proceeds to give him the best fuck of his life. Ahh...there's nothing closed doors in a college dorm, is there?!

You Love Jack - Lukas Wilde Spreads His Ass

October 18, 2010
You Love Jack - Lukas Wilde Spreads His Ass If you haven't seen adorable dick stroker Lukas Wilde over at You Love Jack yet, then you're in for quite the treat. This well hung twink is so damn cute it isn't funny. He also lives up to his last name in a big way by being quite a wilde one. Equipped with a long, thick, uncut dick that he loves to beat off on camera, Lukas eats up all the attention he gets from putting on his homemade porn video. Like who wouldn't want to watch this guy masturbate in HD video anyway?! Jerking off isn't the only thing that Lukas loves to do though. Hell no. He knows he's got a butt hole that is highly edible, so he was sure to give us some great spreads here and there during his shoot. about some lunch folks?!

Bound Gods - Gianni Luca Used By Phenix Saint

October 16, 2010
Bound Gods - Gianni Luca Used By Phenix Saint Gianni Luca has been the subject of much abuse at the hands of many men at Bound Gods. However, once Phenix Saint got a hold of his Italian body, he really learned what being submissive is all about. Phenix spared no time at all tying Gianni's wrists together and attaching the rope to the high ceiling. Phenix loves using the zapper on a helpless dude and he sure put it to good use on Gianni - shocking his cock, balls and torso. Static electricity via a static bulb is next up on the list. This really sends Gianni into some rather painful convulsions. Hooking up the electro unit's electrodes to the steps that Gianni is tip toeing on, Phenix forces him to lift his feet off so that he's literally hanging from the ropes. Gianni adores suck dick of course, so Phenix teases the hell out of him by leaving his own throbbing erection just out of reach of the cock hungry bottom. As is usually the case with all Bound Gods scenes, things finish off with a sensational ass fucking that is mean, nasty and very deep!

Alpha Male Fuckers - Dillon Feeds Kurt His Dick

October 14, 2010
Alpha Male Fuckers - Dillon Feeds Kurt His Dick If there were every two gay porn stars that could start an incredibly hot sexual blaze, it would be gorgeous men Dillon Buck and Kurt Rogers. Alpha Male Fuckers brings this amazing scenario to us and man, did they ever capture a video that is not to be forgotten! To see Kurt Rogers so submissive is astounding to say the least. But, with the likes of a stud like Dillon Buck pulling out his fat, uncut cock for some head, how could Kurt act any other way? He dropped to his knees in seconds flat, literally inhaling that thick hunk of man meat. Dillon moans and looks down at the handsome man sucking him off. He is sure to reciprocate of course, but then drops down to allow Kurt to sit on his bearded face for a while. Kurt does love to be rimmed after all! Then it's on to the main task of Kurt getting pile driven with that infamous big dick of Dillon's. Talk about a fantastic duo these guys make!

Extra Big Dicks - Micah Fucks Brenden Hard

October 11, 2010
Extra Big Dicks - Micah Fucks Brenden Hard Like most Texans, Micah Jones from Extra Big Dicks is hung like most men from down that way - hug! Apparently everything from that part of the world grows big after all, just like the state itself. Brenden Black adores huge cocks and simply can't get enough of them down his throat and up his tight man hole. He was all over that boner as soon as they were nude, on his knees like the submissive bottom slut that he is. Micah had never experienced such great head and face fucked Brenden with all the might he could muster. Great head is certainly a good thing of course, however, it was ass that Micah showed up to ram and that's exactly what he did with Brenden's awaiting butt as soon as it was offered up. In many positions and with all the sexual chemistry possible, Brenden took every inch of Micah's meat stick deep and hard!

Sean Cody - Hot Southern Hunk Mack

October 8, 2010
Sean Cody - Hot Southern Hunk Mack Sean Cody were totally impressed with hot Southern hunk Mack right from the start. For one thing, he called the webmaster “Sir” when he met him. That will certainly will a person some good points! Like most dudes from the US south, Mack loves to go four wheeling, or as they call it down there, “muddin”. Of course, bull riding, sports and the ranch are a big part of Mack’s life as well. All that activity sure has paid off too looking at his tight, lean, sexy body. Mack has been sowing his wild oats for the past few years and working construction to survive. He’ll be heading off to college pretty soon though. Still…we all know that times can get pretty wild there too. Speaking of wild, if foreskin drives you nuts, then Mack has got a good amount of it around his fat dick which he loves to play with. Yeah..this guy could cum around any time he likes!

Naked Kombat - Koby Submits Chad

October 5, 2010
Naked Kombat - Koby Submits Chad Naked Kombat bring us a couple of middleweights this time around and it just so happens that both Koby Fox and Chad Anderson are new to this form of grappling too. Both do have some experience with close combat with other men, but it's the first time they've ever engaged it in the nude. As would be expected, both were quite eager for their very first notch in their belts and so the energy and effort was second to nothing as they battled it out. Chad really did his best to get it over on Koby, but once he was tired out though, Koby soon had him submitted and was waving his big cock in Chad's face while straddling him. Following was some finger fucking and of course, the meat and potatoes of a victor's prize - a hard, deep butt pounding!

New York Straight Men - Ben Blows Hottie Beau

October 3, 2010
New York Straight Men - Ben Blows Hottie Beau New York Straight Men hooked up with very open minded straight stud Beau and since he was hairy and exactly Ben's type, they had the redheaded, resident cock sucker take care of him the right way. Beau doesn't care who sucks his hard dick, just so long as they do a great job. Well...if we know Ben, he always cums through when it gets down to giving head. Beau has been serviced by other men before, but he is also open to trannies or whomever wants to allow him to fuck their throats good and hard. Beau has got that look to him where he really doesn't fuck around too. A tough guy for sure and being that he's from New York, that really isn't all the surprising. Ben wasn't scared of him though and knew that as soon as he got his expert lips around his man meat he'd be his. He was right there!

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