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Welcome to my Gay Porn Blog, this is where you can keep up to date with the hottest porn stars and hardcore scenes from the most popular gay porn sites around the web.

Fisting Central - Junior Fist Fucks Ryan

January 11, 2010
Fisting Central - Junior Fist Fucks Ryan Strawberry blond hunk Ryan Patrick soon finds out what he's gotten himself into by allowing Junior Stellano to knuckle his hot asshole. He's horny as fuck in anticipation too in this astounding Fisting Central man hole stretching flick. Junior slips on his favorite white pair of handballing gloves, lubes them up and gets to work. A few fingers and some great head soon have Ryan squirming around on the fisting table, getting him primed up for much more of Junior's formidable fist. Little by little his massive hand disappears up inside Ryan's luscious ass. Then Ryan decided he wants his own fist up inside him for a while. Stellano watches on with erotic amusement, but eventually shoves his fist back where it belongs though - right up inside Ryan's innards!

Thug Boy - Shag & His Huge Cock

January 10, 2010
Thug Boy - Shag & His Huge Cock The over-used term "hot" doesn't even begin to describe incredible, very well hung ebony stud Shag here from Thug Boy. From his beautifully dark skin, to his very lean frame, the man sets the fucking screen on fire if you ask me! I have to wonder if he got the name Shag from his scraggly hairdo. Most likely. Regardless though, it adds even more sexual charisma to his already hard-on inspiring persona in my eyes. Shag loves to pose in front of the camera and for a thug, he's got a little bit of experience doing it. He knows what a monster cock like his does to us "size queens", so he pulls it out and strokes it to a magnificent size for us all. We could call that perfect, massive black dick many things I suppose. Personally though, I call it damn right fucking mouth-watering!

Circle Jerk Boys - Straight Boys Fuck

January 9, 2010
Circle Jerk Boys - Straight Boys Fuck It’s so nice when a couple of guys who are mostly straight are totally ok with going all the way in a gay shoot like this one at Circle Jerk Boys. They’re very cute in that twink sort of a way, and of course they’re both hung nice and large. Their contrast in skin colour and enthnicity are a bit of a turnon for me as well. Now, as a fellow white boy who usually bottoms for black studs, this boy has the right idea. He just can’t resist the charms and leadership of his new pal. He sucks what he can of the big black hunk’s huge cock, and bends over to receive it up his butt. This is the way it should be if you ask me. Very well performed and the finale cumshot is sensational!

You Love Jack - Tyler Sucks His Own Cock

January 8, 2010
You Love Jack - Tyler Sucks His Own Cock Well You Love Jack has gone and done it again. They’ve blown our minds by bringing on another self-sucking extraordinaire. The man you see in the pics above sucking his own massive, uncut 9 inch cock is Tyler James. He’s hard right from the start of his video, his gigantic man meat pointing straight up at the ceiling. You can see how lean Tyler is, so getting his legs over his head in order to stick the head of his dick into his mouth wasn’t too hard for him. What the hell am I saying? Can it be easy for any guy to suck his own cock?! Moving on…Tyler eventually pulls out a butt plug and buries it up his man hole for a while. He eventually gets back into sucking that huge dick again and turned out to be quite a kinky fucker too, eating his cum after he blew it all over his crotch and shirt!

Randy Blue - Hot Handyman Levi

January 6, 2010
Randy Blue - Hot Handyman Levi As hard as Randy Blue blonde hottie Levi tries to get some painting done, he gets seriously distracted by of all things….an erection. And what a damn fine erection it is too with it’s sweet uncut hood and long banana like curve. It’s probably a good thing there wasn’t anyone in the room with him when he was working because he wouldn’t have gotten anything done at all. With his superb abs, long and lean frame, and a smile that will melt your heart, Levi should give you a rush or two I would say. He’s totally straight and this is the first nude shoot he’s ever done. However, he has done quite a bit of modelling as his face is so sought after being so damn handsome and all. So now it’s his body as well as his face that people are after. Can you blame them one bit?

UK Scally Lads - Bristol Billy Fucks Leo

January 4, 2010
UK Scally Lads - Bristol Billy Fucks Leo Billy resides in Bristol, so he’s closer to the UK Scally Lads studio now. He’s originally from South Wales. So is Leo – who found Billy’s 8 inch, uncut cock way too irresistable. Billy takes whatever he wants and after some serious kissing, he guides Leo's head down to his crotch and lets him have at that impressive piece of scally meat. Leo has become quite the cocksucker since first cumming onto the scene. Billy is a hardcore lad, so after some head it was time for a good ass eating. Leo presents his tasty asshole and Billy sets about rimming it deep. Leo moans aloud and squirms in bliss from the incredible sensations. He’s ready. Billy sidles in behind his bottom and slowly works his extra large ram rod up inside Leo. The boy is tight! It isn’t long though before Billy is giving Leo every pulsating inch of that cock of his from several positions!

Bareback Masters - Tom Colt Fucks Julian

January 3, 2010
Bareback Masters - Tom Colt Fucks Julian Tom Colt hangs around the Bareback Masters studio sometimes, and being consistently horny, he's always on the prowl for a tight ass to fuck. Another friend - Julian Fornatora was hanging around one day and immedidately everyone could feel the chemistry between them. Tony and Cam led the two studs into one of the filming rooms and set them loose on one another. Julian wasted no time at all trying to deep throat all of Tom's huge cock. He gags on it and does his best to let Tom fuck his throat good and hard. Of course, this isn't all that it's in store for Julian, as Tom sets about to fuck his sweet, tight ass better than any man has done before!

Sean Cody - Jared and Kurt

January 2, 2010
Sean Cody - Jared and Kurt When a guy has an ass as nice as Jared’s, you simply have to capture it getting fucked on camera. When asked if he was up for that, his enthusiasm said it all – “Yeah, that sounds great!” When you get that kind of reaction out of a guy, how can you not look forward to the cumming events?! Of course, he wanted to know who was going to be doing the fucking? When they showed him a picture of Kurt, his huge grin said even more. Then came the big question – “You going to be OK with his cock?” Sean Cody asked. “It’s pretty big.” “Yeah, it won’t be a problem,” he said. “It’s going to be fun!” Fun doesn’t even begin to describe this video though folks. The way Jared dove on Kurt’s huge cock gives one the impression he’s had one that big in his mouth and up his ass before. Who knows though?

Blake Mason - Hot Twink Dylan Cums

January 1, 2010
Blake Mason - Hot Twink Dylan Cums Well when it cums to hot, cute and horny blonde twinks, few can compare to very well hung chav Dylan from Blake Mason if you ask me. Wow! From the moment I laid eyes on this boy I knew I had to feature him here. Dylan has a bit more muscle on him than a lot of so-called "twinks", but that adorable fresh face sure gives him that impression. This is Dylan's debut shoot and while a total amateur, he sure did a great job. Obviously he's quite the randy rudeboy, the way his super long, thick, uncut cock was at the ready from the start. As you can see, Dylan blessed the porn world with a fine shot of his scally jizz. What a tasty lad indeed!

Men Over 30 - Daddy Brock Ass Pounds Dane

December 30, 2009
Men Over 30 - Daddy Brock Ass Pounds Dane Men Over 30 have really outdone themselves with this fantastic Daddy duo. Brock Hart and Dane are all that you'd expect from mature men. They've kept themselves in great shape over the years - both boasting large, muscular frames! They come home from an office party. Sitting back on the couch, Brock makes the first move, working his way down Dane's manly, furry chest. Following some kissing, Brock helps to strip off Dane's trousers. Brock really can't resist Dane's already hard, musky cock and sets about swallowing it whole. Dane offers up his tight, mature buttocks for some rimming and then some hardcore ass fuckng action. After moving into several fuck positions, the sensations are just too much for both hunks. Soon the loads are spewing out all over the place and blissful relief is theirs to share!

Extra Big Dicks: Phenix Fucks Tommy

December 27, 2009
Extra Big Dicks: Phenix Fucks Tommy There's a significant difference between Extra Big Dicks' Tommy Defendi's 9 inch cock and Phenix Saint's 7.5 inches, but there is no doubt that Tommy felt every damn inch of that fucking thing as it penetrated his tight ass. As studly as Tommy may look, he didn't seem to have an issue at all with playing the more submissive role here. Phenix shoves his long cock in Tommy's face and the man literally swallows it right to his pubes. Amazing! Tommy sure must love blowing a high hard one too - evident by how monsterous his own man meat gets as he sucks away. Once the head is out of the way and Phenix's tool is more than ready for some action, Tommy climbs aboard it for a ride to complete bliss!

Southern Strokes - Brandon Fucks Twink Ashton

December 26, 2009
Southern Strokes - Brandon Fucks Twink Ashton Brandon was on his way back from Florida when Southern Strokes called him to see if he was into another shoot. He was told it would be with sweet and always willing twink - Ashton. Well!! The boy jumped at the chance and within days the set was up and the cameras were rolling. Now of course, Ashton was just as impressed with Brandon as Brandon was with him. The boys were so fucking into each other. The slight contrast of their skin colors and profiles add so much allure to the scenario in my opinion. Brandon sidles up behind Ashton and rubs his rock hard cock along his ass crack. The two hotties exchange tongues as their lust and desire grows with each second. From there it was on to some mutual cocksucking. By now, the guys are so hard they can hardly deep throat one another. They certainly do their best though! The time then cums for Brandon to mount Ashton and give the insatiable and cute twink what he so desires. It took a bit for him to get all of his ram rod up inside Ashton, but the hot twink took it all!

Jake Cruise - Jake Fucks Hot AJ

December 25, 2009
Jake Cruise - Jake Fucks Hot AJ Jake Cruise never ceases to amaze me with the perverted action he cums up with. AJ Irons has done a few shoots for and with the mature man, but this time around things are a little different. While AJ did fuck Jake for a while - you don't think Jake would turn down a hard, stud cock up his ass do you? - we catch onto the action here where Jake takes his turn at filling up AJ's tight hunk man hole for a while. Of course, things start off with some rather sexy and enticing kissing, foddling and ass rimming. Then it's on to a 69 session that will have all you butt fans drooling and perhaps even jealous, at the sight of Jake drilling AJ's tasty hole with his lucky tongue. This is where Jake wants something wrapped tightly around his hard cock. He tells us that AJ is the tightest fuck he's ever had. That doesn't cum as a huge surprise actually, as from what we all know, AJ's never had a hard dick inside him before. I could be wrong on that, but it sure is good to dream about it, isn't it?!

Hot Older Male - Furry Dad Rob Lawrence

December 23, 2009
Hot Older Male - Furry Dad Rob Lawrence Well to say that Rob Lawrence from Hot Older Male is just "well hung" would be a serious understatement. As he carries around 10 inches of massive man meat between his thick, hairy, mature legs, I'm quite you understand what I mean. We don't see it here, but Rob is also a big fan of using a cock pump. So if you think that pierced fuck rod of his is huge naturally, you should fucking see it after he's forced more blood into it! Being just about as fat around as the average man’s forearm, I must say that trying to handle it would most likely be quite chore. However, it's probably one that I would have no trouble with. How about you? Beside his massive endowment, Rob also look fantastic in leather. All that man fur and the sexy beard certainly help make that possible I think. When it cums to Daddy bears, I can count on my hand how many can compare to Mr. Lawrence. Oh and by the way, Rob likes to be on top. So be prepared to see some unbelievable anal penetrations in anything this hot Daddy bear stars in!

Rear Stable - Port of Entry

December 21, 2009
Rear Stable - Port of Entry Logan McCree doesn't really need an introduction, but we will tell in case you don't know that he's the gorgeous fucker covered in tattoos here in Rear Stable's new production aptly entitled - Port of Entry. David is the smooth, non-inked fucker he shares cocksucking and ass pounding duties with. While both have an equally insatiable appetite when it cums to dick, ass and sweating out a good hard fuck, the contrasts in their profiles make this shoot one of the best I have ever seen from these guys. I mean, how could it not be? Logan first takes charge of the scenario - looking down at David with a sheer conveyance of dominance and control while he works his 8 inch cock. After working Logan's man meat though, David decides he want to cut right to the chase and offers up his hole for some fullfilment. Wow, talk about a pushy bottom. He He. Fantastic!

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