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Pride Mov Review (PrideMov)

Pride Mov Review
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What you have here is one large DVD theatre, with thousands of scenes, in various categories, and that is updated daily. You've also got access to around 30 other exclusive sites.
The sheer number of movies makes this a vault worth breaking into. And you've also got a lot of different genres too, and everything is easy to find. The quality is good, with a choice of two resolutions, and a couple of players, and the navigation is nic
There isn’t really a thumbs down here but it would have been nice to have had more information about the stars, or some of them at least. I couldn't get into the bonus sites with the link but I know that this site is one of the bonuses in the network, s

Pride Mov Ratings

Content Quantity: 18/20
The movies here come from a variety of studios and producers, but generally the quality remains high as Pride Mov only seeks out the best of the best. You have a choice for viewing quality. The design is functional and neat and there are no quality issues.
Content Quality: 20/20
With over 3,700 scenes you've already got a lot of content here and updates are happening. There are six or so screen shots with each scene, rather than large galleries, and these are clear enough to show you the action to come. There are long lists of contributing studios and genres.
Updates: 10/10
There are dates with the movies and the home page was listing daily updates when I was in the site. The bonus sites are also updated from time to time, so there should always be something new for you.
Exclusivity: 7/10
This isn’t an exclusive movie site, you may recognise some titles and you'll certainly know some of the studios. But that’s ok, there are exclusive movies in he bonus sites.
Features & Extras: 7/10
Assuming you can access the Bonus tab (if there are problems contact support – I couldn't use it) you will find around 30 sites, some with more content than others, and various interactive options in them. At Pride Mov you get details, links to other work by the actors and basic information, and you can rate scenes.
Navigation, Design: 10/10
There is a comprehensive left menu to take you to the various collections; genres, studios, top lists etc. Pages open nice and fast, the images are clear and links are easy to find and use.
Speed: 10/10
I was downloading movies at over 130kbps which is very fast, so you should have no problems there and not too long a wait either.
Value: 9/10
The ongoing memberships, and the longer ones, bring you even more value for money due to the regular updates. Already you've got a steal here with thousands of scenes for a very small price.

Pricing & Content

Price & Payment Price & Payment
$1.00 for two days
$29.91 for 30 days
$59.95 for 90 days
Content Content
Pictures: 3722
Videos: 859
Video Format: WMV. Mpeg
Bonus Sites: 30
Categories Categories
Overall Rating: 91% An Excellent Site!
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Full Pride Mov Review

It is difficulty to be original when talking about Pride Mov as it all sounds like a gush, and it’s probably been said in every other review of the site: but this is surely one of the biggest and best DVD theatres to sign up for. Why? Because you’ve got so much choice, there are daily updates, it’s cheap and you get an easy to use interface that presents you with good quality movies. That’s all a movie theatre needs really, and that’s what you've got here. You may not know where to start so use the category lists, or the studios list, to search for a known studio. Or you can search for a favourite star by using the keyword search box. Although there are hundreds of titles here there are easy ways to find them. Some categories will, naturally, have more content in them than others, and some studios present more titles than others, but you've still got loads to view and it’s easy to download everything. I tried some downloads and was impressed with the speed that the files came down the line. I was also impressed with the quality of the higher resolution versions; the lower ones were quicker to arrive and the quality was acceptable, though a little fuzzy in some movies.
Members Area Screenshots
At least slower connected people will be able to get them, and if you make your screen smaller they look just fine. The sound was there, the performances where there, varied of course, and there are hundreds of hours of fun to be had with the collection as a whole. Navigation and design are good here too. The interface many be a standard looking one, many DVD theatres use the same format, but that’s because it works. There’s a side menu that stays with you so you can easily find more categories etc. And there is a top menu too which will take you to the top lists and so on. The only thing I had trouble with was the Bonus tab as it didn’t seem to be linked to anything. When you join the Pride Vault you get to access all their sites including this one, and thus you should be able to access them from this one – I suggest checking out a Pride Porn Pass (and accessing them all) or contacting support to enquire, if you find this link not working when you join.
You've got enough porn here to last you a lifetime but if you are really greedy and want even more value for money then you'll want the bonus sites. So, a well stocked, easy to access porn theatre that has thousands of scenes, daily updates and good quality shows. There is basic information though you won't learn too much about the stars, but there are good search and sort options and you’re able to rate the scenes you see, download and keep them – without restorations. Worth signing up for? You bet.
Overall Rating: 91% An Excellent Site!
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