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Welcome to my Gay Porn Blog, this is where you can keep up to date with the hottest porn stars and hardcore scenes from the most popular gay porn sites around the web.

UK Naked Men - Ashley Ryder Rides A Huge Dildo

May 30, 2010
UK Naked Men - Ashley Ryder Rides A Huge Dildo It might be a good bet that you’ve seen Ashley Ryder showing off his exceptional bottoming skills in gay porn on the net, but this time it was UK Naked Men who got a hold of the gorgeous hunk. Ashley is pretty hardcore too, loving as big an item as possible up his tight, hungry man hole. In this case, it’s a massive black dildo that finds it’s way up his butt, opening him up even further than he’s experienced in the past. Ashley is a gorgeous man too, boasting a lean, tight body to die for and a hard cock I’m sure any one of us would love to work on orally in heartbeat. Ashley has been known to top another bottom here and there, but there is no doubt that this man loves it up his hole as often as possible!

Randy Blue - Christian & Riley Fuck Brett

May 29, 2010
Randy Blue - Christian & Riley Fuck Brett Brett Swanson and Riley Price are pretty much Christian Sharp’s puppets in this fantastic Randy Blue shoot. They’re right there in front of him for his amusement and nothing more. With an authoritative and demanding voice, he dictates their every move and action. He makes them please one another, all the while himself being pleased by their kissing, caressing and mutual cock sucking. Eventually though, Christian can’t resist the urge to join in himself and feed his dick to Brett’s insatiable man hole while Riley fucks his throat. This goes on for some time, but then Christian gets a hunger for man meat himself and proceeds to give Riley the best blowjob of his entire life. All the while of course, Brett continues to be fed a hunk dick in each of his ends. It's exactly what he gets on the blue screen for in the first place and as you can see, the man is one hell of a bottom slut!

Bang Bang Boys - Marcelo Fucks Lucas’ Man Hole

May 28, 2010
Bang Bang Boys - Marcelo Fucks Lucas' Man Hole Resident latino top stud Marcelo Mastro from Bang Bang Boys really cannot be compared to many men in the gay porn biz. He takes the cake in the big, fat dick department, he’s got an insatiable appetite for eating man holes and he can fuck like there’s no tomorrow. Lucas Pirelli found out all about Marcelo’s sensational skills right off the bat and pretty soon the race was on to see who could get the other one hornier. Lucas dropped to his knees immediately to suck Marcelo’s extra large brown man meat and soon had it at epic proportions. This is where the rimming began. Not only did Marcelo work Lucas’s sweet latino ass with his deft tongue for a good long spell, but Lucas was sure to do the same in order to get Marcelo raring to go like a wildman. This is where Lucas bent over to take that formidable ram rod of Marcelo’s deep up his butt and then lays on his to take it spoon style too!

Circle Jerk Boys - Alex Fucks Ryan’s Hot Ass

May 24, 2010
Circle Jerk Boys - Alex Fucks Ryan's Hot Ass Circle Jerk Boys has a couple of hunky pretty boys for us this time around and while Ryan Taz and Alex Foster are quite fresh looking, they are certainly no less hot or fantastic to watch as they suck and fuck their way to total bliss. It was Ryan who turned out to be the receiver of Alex's fat dick up his hungry ass, but not before both men got right into sucking each other off in the most incredible way. I mean, these dudes LOVE to suck cock and do it very, very well. Alex started the dick gobbling extravaganza though, edging Ryan to the nth degree. Ryan's gorgeous face is just incredible to watch as every time he reaches a high point in desire, it becomes very obvious. Pretty soon though, Ryan wants a taste of some man meat himself and is soon on his knees servicing Alex's fat meat pole. Alex loves it of course, but pretty soon he's getting what he really showed up on the set for - Ryan's tight man hole wrapped his big, fat dick!

Sean Cody - Alan Fucks Dennis’ Ass Hard

May 19, 2010
Sean Cody - Alan Fucks Dennis' Ass Hard Sean Cody always get a huge kick out of listening to a couple of their guys talk about their recent female conquests just before they’re about to fuck another dude. He He. It is pretty funny when you think about it. Even Dennis loves his pussy, but to be honest, we think he loves getting fucked up his man hole much better. Alan was around to provide his hungry hole with exactly that too. While Dennis does like to do the fucking himself at times, lately he’s really been bending over take a big one for the team. Alan is all stud too and it’s pretty hard for a hunk to resist his dominant and hardcore persona. Dennis certainly couldn’t and within seconds he was on Alan’s fat dick, swallowing as much of it down his throat as he could. The expressions on Alan’s face say it all – Dennis has really learned how to be one hell of cock sucker since he came onto the gay porn scene!

You Love Jack - Geek John Toys His Tight Ass

May 16, 2010
You Love Jack - Geek John Toys His Tight Ass You Love Jack loves to get a hold of geeky looking guys and John Murray here would definitely fit into that category. He's got those thick coke bottle type glasses and a lean body. Then again, he's got more hair on his body that you might expect. He's also got a big, fat dick and a real adoration for shoving things up his ass while he strokes his big boner. Butt plugs and probes of other kinds don't really seem to be out of the question for John, nor does spreading his tight hole right in front of the camera lens. I would say that he’s had some practice in this aspect and yes, as a matter of fact, this is his second shoot. John really gets off on presenting his suckable piece of man meat the best though. He can see it himself while the video is being shot and watching it grow and grow with each stroke of his hand is a real turn on for him, as well as for all of us!

Randy Blue - Gorgeous Hunk Diego Sans

May 12, 2010
Randy Blue - Gorgeous Hunk Diego Sans Diego Sans is one of those hunks that takes your breath away on first sight. He gives the saying “latino hunk” a completely new meaning according to Randy Blue, their members, and of course, us. One look at this smoking hot dude and there probably won’t be much argument. Now, to see Diego in a simple jerk off session would be more than enough to please the masses I’m sure, but these guys wasn’t have any of that for Diego. Oh no. This latin guy loves things sticky and steamy, so he wanted to rub one out in the sauna. His bronzed, brown skin glistens oh so seductively as he strokes his fat, latin man meat. Yes, Diego is packing a whopper indeed. Would you expect anything less from such a perfect representation of the male species? Wait until you see Diego Sans in his debut shoot. A star was born immediately!

Extra Big Dicks - Latino Stud Dominic Pacifico

May 10, 2010
Extra Big Dicks - Latino Stud Dominic Pacifico Dominic Pacifico is the kind of stuff that gay porn star wet dreams are all about. For one thing, he is very rare with his sexy, dark skin, masculine beard, and great big cock. Which is the main reason Extra Big Dicks picked him up for a shoot of course. Now, that’s not to say that Dominic doesn’t also convey that ultimate manly persona on screen. On the contrary! Dominic has been featured on many sites across the internet in the past few years and with the way this man approaches a gay porn scenario, it really is no wonder. Dominic can play both the top and bottom positions equally well and looks just as good no matter whether he’s taking another huge dick up his ass, or slamming his own into a hot man hole. Yes indeed, Dominic Pacifico is majorly FINE!

Daddy Mugs - Daddy Toys Dustin’s Tight Ass

May 8, 2010
Daddy Mugs - Daddy Toys Dustin's Tight Ass Dustin Reeves came to visit Daddy Mugs when he was in Florida and one look at this adorable boy and you know that he’s certainly Mugs’ cup of tea. With his sweet ass, cute face and big, fat dick, Dustin is what the doctor ordered. Daddy was cleaning up and found one of Dustin’s big ass toys laying around. He asked Dustin to explain what he does with it, but he didn’t really like the response. So, he took matters into his own hands. Literally. After playing around and making out with Dustin, he lifted him up onto the kitchen counter and started working his tight hole with the long, black dildo. Dustin’s asshole is as tight as a drum, but eventually it relented and allowed a good portion of the toy to enter inside it. Dustin fucking loved it of course, as no one else had worked his butt with his own toys before. Daddy certainly loved watching Dustin’s dick get harder and harder with each stroke and within time, it grew to it’s full length and fat girth. Finally, it was all too much for Dustin, so he grabbed his hard-on and stroked it off to a messy, cum drenched climax!

Buzz West - Hairy Hunk Bo Shoots His Load

May 5, 2010
Buzz West - Hairy Hunk Bo Shoots His Load Buzz West never cease to amaze me with the gorgeous amateurs they pick up for jerking off and cumming on video for them. Take ex-marine, hairy cowboy Bo here for example. This smoking hot furry fucker has got it all going on. He’s hunky in all ways possible, covered in a thick carpet of man fur and was blessed with a super fat chunk of man meat that anyone would have a great time sucking on. Bo has got that down home sexiness going on too. A great smile, very handsome face and a sense of confidence even though this is only his second time beating off for the entire world to see. Bo just finished up a stint with the marines and is now enjoying civilian life. This would include getting his 9 inch plus dick serviced whenever he can. This time around though, Bo was by himself and blew a right messy load of cum all over himself. Tasty!

Cocksure Men - Kevin Gives Hans A Cum Facial

May 2, 2010
Cocksure Men - Kevin Gives Hans A Cum Facial Hans VonFersen from Cocksure Men is one lucky son of a bitch if you ask me. Kevin Draz is his personal trainer and while Hans certainly got some great personal training in from the huge, muscular stud, it was the workout they were soon engaging in that made this session much more fun than just pumping some iron. Things are going along fine until Kevin suddenly pulls his big, fat cock out and just lets it hang there while Hans tried to accomplish some pushups. Hans really can’t resist and then next thing he knows he’s deep throating Kevin’s extra large man meat. Kevin reciprocates for a while, but these guys want to fuck and that’s exactly what takes place. Hans climbs on top of that steel hard erection and goes for a nice long ride on it. Then he gets drilled spoon style, with Kevin ramming his hungry hole like the pure stud that he is. To finish things off, Kevin sprays his cum right in Hans’ adorable face!

Hot Older Male - Sexy Silverdaddy Paul Barbaro

April 30, 2010
Hot Older Male - Sexy Silverdaddy Paul Barbaro To me, there really is nothing better than a sexy, well hung, silverdaddy in a business suit. Paul Barbaro cums to us courtesy of the finest mature gay porn site online - Hot Older Male. Right off the bat it's pretty obvious that Paul is not without his sexual experience. First, his thick piece of man meat is pierced - you can see the hole where the ring would go if you look close enough. Secondly, Paul's shaft is tattooed! Yeah, no shit. Again, look closely and you can see that as well. Lastly, but certainly not least, that silver hair on top of Paul's head lets us know that he's been around. Lord knows how many asses that big cock has had the pleasure of fucking. Not to mention the pleasure that the bottoms felt of course!

Sexgaymes - Qpid Slams Damien Crosse’s Ass

April 28, 2010
Sexgaymes - Qpid Slams Damien Crosse's Ass With a smoking hot fucker like Qpid Eros from Sexgaymes pulling his fat, uncut cock out in front of his face, it really is no wonder that Damien Crosse was beside himself with the utmost of submissive lust as Qpid fed him his unsnipped man meat. He sucked on that thing like he hadn’t had any in years! Qpid, always the gentleman, was sure to return the favor and work Damien’s own uncut dick in all the right ways with his expert mouth. Then Qpid bent Damien over so he could eat out that man hole nicely with his deft tongue. After a while of this, Damien was definitely ready for a steel hard dick up inside him. Qpid, once again never the type to disappoint, mounts the infamous porn star’s asshole and drives his man hammer for a good, long fuck session that leaves many in the dust!

UK Naked Men - Uncut Londoner Big Ben

April 26, 2010
UK Naked Men - Uncut Londoner Big Ben Some men just grow so damn big in the UK and Big Ben here from UK Naked Men would certainly fall into that category. He towers over everyone he walks by on the street and his frame is thick with all natural muscle. Plus a few extra pounds of course, but hey it’s all good. Especially when those sexy pounds are covered in a good amount of man fur. Now, Ben isn’t just in the physique department though. Oh no. You have to know that a man of this size would be blessed with an extra large cock. True to his Londoner descent too, Ben is uncut and boasts some extremely looking foreskin surround his luscious cock head. Ben likes to tease us too, flashing that mischievous grin as he knows we’re mesmerized by his girth from head to toe. Ben is a real man in our eyes, the kind that takes charge of things because he’s so large. After all, who’s going to argue with him?!

Men Over 30 - Manny Fucks Vin Deep

April 23, 2010
Men Over 30 - Manny Fucks Vin Deep Manny from Men Over 30 is one of those studs who makes people let out a big sigh of complete lust. For one thing, he’s all masculinity from head to toe. Blessed with a sexy, hairy body adorned with some tattoos and a big, fat dick that he loves to use on willing holes, it was all Vin could do to keep from cumming right on the spot as soon as the cameras began to roll. He kept his composure quite well though, aside from dropping to his knees immediate and taking as much of that thick shaft down his hungry throat. Manny was most impressed and shows as much by bending Vin over and rimming his furry fuck hole deep with his deft tongue. Then he rolled Vin over onto his back and entered his tight man hole with his large, latino ass wrecker. You love to see contrasting physical profiles on hunks as they suck and fuck? This is the shoot for you!

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