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Bareback Masters - Cam Takes Austin Black’s Dick

October 1, 2010
Bareback Masters - Cam Takes Austin Black's Dick As most of us know, Cam Cruise from Bareback Maskers is one of the hungriest bareback bottoms you will ever see in gay porn. His insatiable appetite requires a serious, dominant top with a large cock to tame him. Of course, there are very few men who can accomplish his fulfillment. Austin Black is certainly one of them. Austin is all man, all top, all Master. After priming Cam's luscious hole with his riding crop and some fingering, he goes about ramming his thick meat into Cam's fuckhole like a madman. His reward? Cam goes from ass to mouth like the voracious slut that he is and takes all of Austin's messy cum load down his piggy throat. This shoot here is exactly why Cameron is one of the most incredibly dick greedy, slutty bareback bottoms to ever star in and produce hardcore gay leather porn. Can it get much better than this when it cums to bareback? Not many can match it, that's for sure!

Randy Blue - Chip Fuck Eric’s Hairy Ass

September 28, 2010
Randy Blue - Chip Fuck Eric's Hairy Ass Chip Tanner and Eric Pryor have never had an issue showing off their sexual charisma since starring in porn videos at Randy Blue. So it really was just a matter of time before they were teamed up to conjure up some hardcore cock sucking and fucking action for us all. Chip’s body is even more impressive than his last scenario and this is due to his gymnastics activity. Eric has become very well known for his incredibly powerful pelvic thrusting since his debut performance, however, roles are switched in this pairing and little did anyone know that Chip could be such a sensational top. This is of course following a massive amount of dick swallowing and mutual ass rimming from each man. It’s like each one thinks he’s going to be able to eat the other and neither has eaten a meal in weeks. Chip and Eric were starving and nothing was going to get in their way of shooting their messy cum loads!

English Lads - Str8 Pro Footballer Jay

September 26, 2010
English Lads - Str8 Pro Footballer Jay English Lads do have a knack for grabbing up footballers to beat off on their site, but Jay Hall is extra special in that regard. He’s actually a professional football player! Yes indeed folks, Jay plays ball for a living and as can be expected, he’s absolutely fantastic with a soccer ball. Of course, that’s not the only thing he’s good with. Jay’s long, lean body looks sensational in a jockstrap and so the cameraman was sure to capture him in one. What an awesome set of buttocks and pair of thickly muscled legs this lad has! The real attraction for most folks on the set, as well as all the members, however, is the anticipation of seeing Jay’s uncut cock. To see a professional soccer player totally nude out in the burning sun stroking his foreskin covered dick is the stuff cum wet dreams are made of and Jay lived up to each and every one of them. What a fucking hottie!

Sean Cody - Hot Muscle Cub Jimmy

September 24, 2010
Sean Cody - Hot Muscle Cub Jimmy Sean Cody would consider new hunk Jimmy a “muscle cub”. I would tend to agree. He trains professional bodybuilders for a living and as a result of this kind of work, he’s got one hell of a physique himself. For those of you who don’t mind a guy with some hairy on their chests too, Jimmy is packing some super sexy, light bear for on him. Hot! When Jimmy isn’t pumping iron or showing the pros how to improve he’s taking care of his pride and joys, his two German Shepherds. “They’re huge. One is three and the other is one and they take up a lot of my time,” Jimmy tells us. Whenever time permits though, Jimmy is a swinger in the bedroom. He loves getting it on with male/female couples and is always the stud who ends up fucking the wife in front of the husband. Hmmm…interesting. When asked if he had ever done anything with the husbands during his escapades, Jimmy didn’t exactly say no. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what this muscle stud is into getting up to!

Daddy Mugs Fucks Hallway’s Twink Ass

September 21, 2010
Daddy Mugs Fucks Hallway's Twink Ass Now here's a mature on twink scenario you folks might be into. Daddy Mugs is up to his old tricks as usual and this time he's got adorable twink Hallway opening up his tight boy hole for some hardcore fucking action. Daddy starts things off with some head on Hallway's pierced, hard cock, making us think that perhaps he's going to be the submissive one in this video. We all know Mugs by now though and know that simply cannot be the case with him. When he gets a twink into his bed, he better open up and say "ahh". He He. Once Daddy is done blowing Hallway, the cute lad lays on his back to take that big, fat, mature cock good and deep. This position doesn't provide for quite enough depth for his liking though and pretty soon he's on all fours taking it in all!

Bound Gods - Josh Abuses Dylan & Gianni

September 19, 2010
Bound Gods - Josh Abuses Dylan & Gianni Bound Gods lets us in on a sensational live scenario this week, with Josh West controlling two submissive hunks – Dylan Deap and Gianni Luca. Van Darkholme makes a cameo of course so he can show off who the true God is. It's the members who call the real shots in the shoot too, letting Josh in on what they want to see. How's that for hot?! Dylan and Gianni are bound with ropes and upon lighting a nice big candle, Josh proceeds to drip hot wax all over their cocks and balls. Next, out cums the single tail whip. Whereby, Josh and Van have a heyday flogging the two kinky, twisted slaves. A large wheel is rolled into the dungeon, with Dylan and Gianni being tied to it in rather unconventional and interesting ways. The members then dictate a finale featuring Josh suspending each man from the ceiling and fucking their mouths and assholes like the possessed Master that he is!

Randy Blue - Hot Redhead Max London

September 17, 2010
Randy Blue - Hot Redhead Max London Like any gay porn site, Randy Blue are well aware of how rare a hot redhead is. They do try to feature as many as they can, but with only 4% of the world’s population having red hair, it’s pretty tough. Thus, new gorgeous hunk Max London is a literal treasure and a half. First off, he’s so damn handsome it’s not even funny. Once you get past his super sexy eyes though, his large muscular physique is simply mesmerizing. Watching Max in his element while pumping out some reps with the iron is more than enough to get a person hornier than fuck, but the added extras of him stripping down and stroking that tasty dick of his is awesome. One would never know that Max is a total amateur by the way he carries in his debut shoot. The man was just made for porn and there is no doubt about it!

Blake Mason - Leighton Fucks Kai’s Hot Ass

September 14, 2010
Blake Mason - Leighton Fucks Kai's Hot Ass BlakeMason and their members were quite impressed with Leighton's solo film and it had been a while since they had featured him. He had stressed how much he wanted to fuck some Chav arse and Kai had the buttocks he was looking for. Both lads share cocksucking duties for a while, bringing both their fat cocks up to full mast. Leighton loves rimming ass so he pays close attention to Kai's sweet Rudeboy hole for a while before slowly plunging his dick in deep. He starts off slow, but it doesn't remain that way for long. Pretty soon he's pounding Kai like he hasn't fucked an ass in ages. Kai loved it all of course! Evident by the cum seeping out of his tasty uncut Scally meat in the last pic!

Men Over 30 - Drake Fucks 6′5″ Cole

September 11, 2010
Men Over 30 - Drake Fucks 6'5" Cole Cole Streets from stands no less than 6′5″ and absolutely loves getting fucked up his perfect butt with a great, big dick. Drake Jayden showed up on the Men Over 30 set ready to give him exactly what he wanted and man what a performance these two Daddies put on. Cole is so hungry for that fat man meat and savors every inch he can take down his throat and up his ass. Cole may be really tall and hunky looking, but when it cums to a great, big stud dick, he is just like the rest of us. He can't resist it! Cole was a totally different bottom than Drake was used to, but eventually got quite used to slamming such a big, tall guy. Yeah…this is what gay Daddy fucking is all about!

Bareback Masters - Gloryhole Fuck Action

September 10, 2010
Bareback Masters - Gloryhole Fuck Action Tarzan and Daniel from Bareback Masters hooked up at their local gloryhole spot. Daniel waits patiently on the toilet, listening to hear if anyone comes into the washroom. It's very late at night and nary a soul is around. That is until thickly endowed, ebony stud Tarzan walks in and feeds the spicy latino bottom what he so desperately needs. Daniel can't believe his luck having found such a huge black dick to fuck his mouth and ass. So long and thick. So damn tasty. He takes every inch up his hungry man hole too. Totally raw and bareback just how it should be. Bathroom sex is the fucking greatest. Where else is there better to find a big, huge cock and tight ass?!

Hot Older Male - Black Daddy Stud Larry

September 9, 2010
Hot Older Male - Black Daddy Stud Larry If ever there was a black Daddy that could take me any time he wanted and do whatever he wished, it would be Cowboy Larry here from Hot Older Male. Other than his gorgeous eyes and really great smile, I'm sure the first thing most of us notice about this sensational ebony hunk is his elephant trunk of an uncut cock. Wow! Who wouldn't want to accept the challenge of trying to swallow that thing? Or attempting to take it all up your ass? I know I would! Larry likes his men on the masculine side too, and lives to fuck tight asses with his massive dick. I guess pretty well any ass would be tight with that massive black dick filling it up, huh? Well bring it on Larry!

English Lads - Adorable Twink Aidan

September 6, 2010
English Lads - Adorable Twink Aidan Well if there was ever a scally lad who could give me an instant hardon with his adorable features and sensational smile, it would be Aidan here from English Lads. This lad is totally straight and as you can probably tell, was a little nervous during his debut porn shoot. You can't blame a lad for that though. I mean, if you've never taken your clothes off for thousands of people before, you tend to be a bit shaky. Rumor has it that 18 year old, rugby playing rudeboy Aidan warmed right up to the camerman man though and stroked his tasty uncut dick till he let go a thick, healthy cum shot!

Sean Cody - Julio Strokes His Big Fat Dick

September 4, 2010
Sean Cody - Julio Strokes His Big Fat Dick New Sean Cody hunk Julio is all about celebrating life as much as possible from one moment to the next. Blessed with a gorgeous smile, sensationally muscular body and a huge dick, this smoking hot, latino 20 year old dude loves football whenever he isn’t getting naked for us and beating his super fat cock. He’s just about to have his 21st birthday and of course he was asked what he’s going to do for it – “Probably go downtown, hit some of the clubs, have fun,” he said. “It’s going to be a blast!” Besides football, Julio also has thing for cars. He’s a bit of a fanatic actually. He works on them, as well as races them. So he is no stranger to doing dangerous things. Hence, his video shoot here. Julio didn’t mention anything about his sexual orientation, but one thing is for sure – this boy isn’t shy about sex or his perfect body!

Randy Blue - Cute Hunk Ash Strokes His Fat Dick

September 1, 2010
Randy Blue - Cute Hunk Ash Strokes His Fat Dick New Randy Blue gorgeous hunk Ash Taylor has a smile on him that could brighten up anyone’s life, but then you get a look at his perfect body and you’re completely sold on the man. Some may consider Ash to be too adorable even, but his buzz cut and slight facial scruff give him just the right amount of manly appearance. An LA guy through and through, Ash is super laid back and cool. Sweet looking for not, Ash has a huge sexual appetite and is perfect for the blue screen. Regardless of him never having done gay porn before, you can tell that he’s watched his fair of it. He strokes his thick, meaty cock in all the right ways and when he proceeds to finger fuck himself all hell breaks loose. Yes indeed, Ash is going to be doing some big, big things. Hopefully that means a big cock right up his sweet, tight man hole too!

Naked Kombat - Jack Hammers Race’s Black Ass

August 30, 2010
Naked Kombat - Jack Hammers Race's Black Ass Race Cooper was 2:1 at Naked Kombat before he met up with Jack Hammer. This is one hell of a match up though, with Race even dominating the fight in many fantastically climactic moments. Jack just tired Race out though, so needless to say, Race is now 2:2 and ended up with a mouth and ass full of some very, very large black cock. Jack didn’t show a whole lot of mercy either when it came to feeding his gigantic ebony man meat to his losing opponent either. Ramming his throat like a man possessed for a good long while and then slamming up against the gymnasium wall before fucking his black man hole with the most incredible thrust and power is sheer evidence of that fact. Race may not have liked losing to his fellow black competitor, but it’s pretty easy to see that he loved every inch of that massive cock inside him!

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