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Randy Blue - Jason Harper

May 5, 2009
jh001 What makes a good porn model? A big dick, a cool attitude, sexy eyes, a toned body, good looks or a willingness to do anything in front of a camera? Well, new guy at Randy Blue, Jason Harper, has got all that and more and this new star is set to shine for a long time to cum. Jason approached the site and sent in some photos of himself. The guys weren’t sure if his humungous dick was the result of Photoshop or divine intervention but, when they met him, they found out… yup! It’s real. It’s heavy and long when soft and solid, and simply huge when hard. And Jason gets it hard in his first session, playing with the pink tip, massaging his nuts and gripping his pole in his fist as he slowly jerks. But Jason has talent and knows that we like to see more. He kneels for us and his dick almost touches the ground! He shows us his smooth butt with its welcoming dark crease and, when his nuts bust their load… Well, I won’t spoil the sticky ending for you. Jason hit the Randy Blue pages on 13th April – unlucky for some, but very, very lucky for us.

Randy Blue - Eddie and Trent

May 5, 2009

Eddie and Trent explode on Randy Blue

The word from Randy Blue is that they’ve just discovered sexual dynamite. It comes in the form of a chemical reaction between Eddie Diaz and Trent Davis. These two hunky studs, one black, one white, are heating up the pages at Randy Blue with an unbridled hardcore scene that will have your nuts emptying before you can say ‘fuck me rigid.’ Eddie and Trent’s ball busting episodes was released on April 23rd and is already getting rave reviews. The scene takes place in a bedroom where anything goes – Trent fucks Eddie, Eddie fucks Trent, these guys are versatile. Their muscles ripple as the action heats up and your favourite muscle is going to be twitching for attention too. We’re told that, behind the scenes, the crew couldn’t help themselves either and even guys who work with sex scenes every day found it hard to keep their stiffies down. That’s got to say something about the eroticism of this duo. Randy Blue is known for the quality of its movies and it sure looks like these two new additions are going to bump the company right up the ratings even further. My advice is to wear protective goggles and bring a towel, these two are going to blow you away.

Randy Blue - Sebastian Crew

May 5, 2009
sc00 Imagine this: Your usual pool boy is off sick so a replacement is made. He’s got short dark hair, a mean and moody look, he’s fit and toned with one of those gorgeous Vs running down into the top of his shorts… Shorts that sport a sexy bulge. He works around the pool getting hot and sweaty and just when he thinks you’re not watching he decides to go for a skinny dip. You catch a flash of his hard, muscled butt and a glimpse of dark hair over a manly, thick cock. He comes out of the water dripping, oozing sex and you notice that that cock of his has gotten harder. It’s standing rigid to attention, dark nuts beneath and you’d love to see him stroke it, jerk it off by your pool… Great news friends. You can see this guy in all his naked, hunky glory over at Randy Blue. New to the crew, Sebastian Crew is your man and you can even check out a trailer of him on the tour. Randy Blue is known for its high quality productions and it’s totally mind blowing guys, and Sebastian is one of the latest to join the sensational sex-fest which is Randy Blue. Don’t sit there dreaming about your perfect pool boy – click over to RB and see him now.
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Randy Blue - Brandon Kent & Sean Everett

May 1, 2009

brandon-kent-sean-everettBrandon and Sean sweat out some juice!

Based on a flash of inspiration in a sauna, the new movie at Randy Blue featuring Brandon Kent and Sean Everett is steaming up the ‘members favourites’ chart. A quick preview will show you why. These two are known for their dirty talk so if you like genuine dialogue during your scenes this is a definite ‘must see’ for you. But there is more to these guys than just hard sex chat. Sean gets to play bottom and wastes little time in diving down into Brandon’s ass, something we’d all like to do. The white towels are off and you’re not sure if the steam is coming from the sauna or these guys as the ass fucking starts. Brandon gives Sean a fucking to within an inch of cumming. In fact, if he didn’t pull out when he did the chances are Sean would cum without even touching his own cock – both of them were so sexed up at that point. But Brandon does pull out and we get treated to the sight of dream boy Sean getting a hot-bath facial as the juice pumps across his face. You’re going to need a cold plunge after you've sampled this scene; it’s going to make you sweat out some juice, that’s for sure.

Randy Blue - Victor Verando

May 1, 2009
victor-verando Dark hair, honey coloured skin, a deep black bush with a nice length of dank brown cock beneath and wrinkled nuts that you could explore with your tongue all night… Meet Victor Verando. Or, if you really want to meet him, click on over to Randy Blue where Victor has an exclusive solo jerk off video and high definition photos to show you. He’s another model that contacted RB to ask if he could make a porn shoot. They wasted no time. Victor starts dressed, absentmindedly reading on his sofa, but he’s bored. Bored and horny – a dangerous combination in any young guy whose hormones are driving him wild. He strips for us, teasing us with the impressive bulge in his pants before taking it out. But he loves his body and, from his nipples to his nuts, he explores every inch as he works himself up. He wants us to see his ass, dark and inviting, he shows us all of his perfect, young body before drawing his attention back to his aching cock. It gets well treated and well pounded as Victor starts to let himself go… This is one hot guy and one hot video, and I bet you won’t be able to resist playing along at home when you see it.
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