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New York Straight Men - Str8 Italian Stud Tony

August 29, 2010
New York Straight Men - Str8 Italian Stud Tony After countless viewer requests and months of negotiation, New York Straight Men were finally able to persuade super hairy Italian Pizzeria stud Tony to cum back for some servicing. The reason why it was hard the first time was because Tony got himself a “freaky” girlfriend. He told them that this girlfriend sucks his huge cock right down, swallows his cum, eats his hairy ass and lets him fuck her in the ass. He told us it didn’t get better than that! Tony will only let a guy service him as a last resort, meaning a freaky girl will get the first dibs on his massive cock. Lucky for everyone though, this girlfriend of his went home to visit her family in Jamaica for a couple of weeks and the sperm was building up in his balls. Resident cock sucker Ralph came to the rescue though and took care of the super furry straight stud the proper way!

Alpha Male Fuckers - Boss Fucks His Stockboy

August 27, 2010
Alpha Male Fuckers - Boss Fucks His Stockboy Alpha Male Fuckers has a sensational new release for us this week. Stockboy Mark Henley is sorting boxes in the storage area when his boss Dominic cums along to check out his progress. He is impressed with the work his new employee is doing, but it's sweet, tight ass that he's much more interested in actually. Besides, Mark is so submissive and seems to be "open" to anything that Mark throws at him. Once he seems his boss' fat cock hanging out of his trousers he really can't resist dropping to his knees to inhale it. After Mark has had some great head for a while though, he soon has Mark bent right over in order to feed the faux hawked twink his meat man stick deep and hard!

Hot Older Male - Daddy Bear Feeds His Boy

August 25, 2010
Hot Older Male - Daddy Bear Feeds His Boy Hot Older Male brings us an excerpt from one of their latest DVDs – Unsuitable. Zak is a mature business man who has been pretty swamped lately with work. He takes his work very seriously as we all know, sometimes that can get in the way of good times in life. Ethan had been feeling a little left out lately, so when he next saw his Daddy he was sure to make the moves and get what he’d been craving for quite a while. Zak needed exactly what hot boy Ethan was offering up too – some great head. Ethan drops to his knees following some kissing and nipple play in order to pull his big, muscle Dad’s dick out of his business slacks. It’s musty and ripe after a long day, but Ethan revels in it’s splendor. Zak is rock hard in seconds flat with such a soft, warm mouth wrapped so expertly around his manhood. Ahh yes, there's no place like home and a willing cock sucker!

Blake Mason - Mature Uncut Hunk Lewis

August 23, 2010
Blake Mason - Mature Uncut Hunk Lewis Blake Mason thought they'd break with tradition for once and feature a hunk that is a bit older than their usual dudes. Don't think that Lewis any less on the incredibly sexy side though folks. Hell no! Blessed with a gorgeous, fit body and a fat, uncut dick that will make you drool for a taste, Lewis is a sight to behold and then some. He loves to wank off too by the looks of it, strapping his dick like a man possessed. Then he turns around to show us all his splendid ass and balls and all hell breaks loose. Age is just a number with this perfect hunk as he shoots out a jizz load that could give any younger bloke a run for his money. Some life doesn't begin until about 30 years of age and that would certainly be the case with Lewis here!

Sean Cody - Jess Fucks Jamie’s Hot Butt

August 21, 2010
Sean Cody - Jess Fucks Jamie's Hot Butt Folks at Sean Cody are starting to wonder just how straight Jess is now. He He. The man just cannot get enough man ass fucking in. This was Jamie’s first time taking such a big dick up his ass and of course, everyone wanted to know how he felt about that – “You’re gonna be riding a pretty big cock today, what do you think about that?” I asked Jamie. “We’ll see how it goes,” he answered. “When I tend to take a big penis, I get to where I’m about to pass out… depending on the speed and pressure.” Jess responded to this with a huge smile and suddenly got super horny. Can you really blame him? Jamie is one adorable hunk! Jess actually tried his hand, or rather, mouth, at sucking dick for the first time. See what we mean about Jess still being straight? The man has really taken a turn these days as far as sexual orientation. Gee…I wonder what his lady thinks. Who cares?!

Randy Blue - Gorgeous Hunk Ashton Dale

August 20, 2010
Randy Blue - Gorgeous Hunk Ashton Dale Ashton Dale turns heads wherever he may go and that’s exactly why Randy Blue picked him up for some hot fun in front of their cameras. He just finished up a live show that had members screaming for more from this smooth, very handsome, chiseled hunk. Not only is Ashton great looking, but he could charm the hell out of a snake if he had to. His explosive and highly confident persona cums across very well on the blue screen. He loves the water this boy, so a pool shoot was inevitable to say the least. After a nice dip in the warm water though, it’s time to get down to the business at hand. Ashton’s got a mighty delicious tool on him and the way he strokes it is enough to make any man squirm in his seat in anticipation of the finale. Ashton is a gusher folks!

Jake Cruise - Jake Sucks Off Girth Brooks

August 16, 2010
Jake Cruise - Jake Sucks Off Girth Brooks Once again, Jake Cruise has really scored a gorgeous man to orally service and this time around, it’s none other than hairy hunk Girth Brooks! If you’ve never heard of Girth, rest assured that his nickname has everything to do with the thickness of his extra large dick. Jake certainly couldn’t get enough of it too, working that juicy chunk of man meat after giving Girth a hot handjob for a while. Then once Girth was rock hard, Jake laid on his back and let Girth face fuck his throat deep and fast! A few times Jake had to reset his head in order not to choke on that fat cock, but pretty soon he was letting Girth have full use of his cock sucking face. Watching that delicious looking dick go in and out of Jake’s throat is amazing. Fuck I’d love to blow Girth!

English Lads - Str8 Hunk Josh Finally Gets Blown

August 15, 2010
English Lads - Str8 Hunk Josh Finally Gets Blown English Lads really made a serious accomplishment this time around and there can be no argument on that one. Josh Ryan has been featured a few times now and it’s common knowledge that he’s totally straight. He and his lady even just had a baby not too long ago! However, when it cums to making money, well…a dude will do some rather “different” things, right? Indeed. Josh finally conceded to getting sucked off by another lad and the taker in this case would be Jason. Talk about a lucky bloke! As nervous as Josh is at the start, Jason starts things off with just a handjob, working Josh’s big, uncut dick like only he knows how. Josh is soon amazed at how horny he gets and loves every second of it. Of course, not nearly as much as he enjoyed it once Jason clamped his hot, warm mouth over top of his man meat!

Naked Kombat - James Dominates Paul’s Ass

August 13, 2010
Naked Kombat - James Dominates Paul's Ass This is Paul Wagner’s second match-up over at Naked Kombat and while his first encounter with Dean Tucker left him victorious, he didn’t fair so well against newcummer James Gates. James came to the match with a ton of high school wrestling experience and some fancy moves and as much as Paul did his best to keep up with him, James proved to be way too slippery and tough. No matter what Paul attempted, it was countered immediately by the more scappier James. Eventually, Paul finds himself on his back with a face full of hard dick and there really is nothing he can do about it. Of course, the victor always takes a piece of ass as well and James took Paul’s like he was the rightful owner of it. Deep, hard, nasty and fast like too!

Real Bareback - Greg Takes 10″ Raw

August 11, 2010
Real Bareback - Greg Takes 10" Raw Insatiable bottom Greg from Real Bareback won't take any other cocks other than huge ones and his top here has just what he craves. Just as soon as it's in his presence, Greg is deep throating it for all he's worth. He's had a ton of practice at it after all and has really become quite the dick gobbler over time. His stud certainly approved and pretty soon they're both ready for a good hard shagging. Bending over, Greg presents his tight man hole for his top to use. Greg loves to be used, especially with such a massive cock. He takes it all deep and hard and moans and carries on like the insatiable, bareback dick pig that is. It doesn't get much better than this when it cums to bareback porn folks!

UK Naked Men - Frank Takes Toby Park’s Fat Dick

August 9, 2010
UK Naked Men - Frank Takes Toby Park's Fat Dick Tony Park from UK Naked Men is the type of stud that literally causes any hungry bottom to drop to his knees to serve. That would be the case with newcummer Frank here of course, as he turns into a hardcore slut once Toby's huge dick is released from the confines of his jeans. Toby can see right off the bat that Frank is the sort of cock pig who loves a good face fucking, so he proceeds to do so. Once he's had his fair share of deep throat action though, Toby soon has Frank bent over, fingering his furry man hole to get it ready for his monster ass wrecker. By this time, Frank is actually begging for that massive dick up his ass. He sits right down on it and takes the two of them on the orgasmic ride of both their lives!

Sean Cody - Str8 Sexy Boxer Vincent

August 7, 2010
Sean Cody - Str8 Sexy Boxer Vincent One look at new Sean Cody hottie Vincent and it’s not hard to see that he is quite the amazing athlete. As a matter of fact, he’s a boxer. Now, to say that pugilists don’t have some of the greatest bodies, if not THE best, on the planet would be a serious mistake we think. So suffice it to say that Vincent is carrying a physique to die for. There literally isn’t a spot on this man’s frame that isn’t striated and chiseled in a most unbelievable way. He wanted to show us a bit of his routine for his debut shoot, so from pushups to hitting the heavy bag, Vincent gets it all done in the nude. Vincent is straight as you might imagine and contrary to what he does for a living, is a real romantic and hopes that one day he’ll find “the one”. Well, perhaps one day he will. For now though, let’s watch this gorgeous athlete rub one out, huh? Fuck yeah!

Randy Blue - Brock Fucks Cayden’s Tight Ass

August 4, 2010
Randy Blue - Brock Fucks Cayden's Tight Ass The folks at Randy Blue are always paying attention to who’s eying up whom around the studio and this time around it’s Brock Traynor and Cayden Ross who have been secretly admiring one another. With both of them being literal mountains of jock muscle and drop dead gorgeous, it really was a no brainer to put them in a video together. Brock is still a bit new to being blown by another dude, but the way Cayden works his man tool has him fucking his handsome face in no time flat. Cayden loves things rough himself, so this sets the scenario even more ablaze! It’s not hard to imagine how sweaty and sticky things soon got and with Brock’s dick now as hard as piece of wrought iron, he finally took the plunge down deep into Cayden’s man hole. This was a dream cum true for both men of course, but you can really see how much Cayden was into getting fucked by huge muscle stud Brock!

Rear Stable - Luke Hass Fucks Steve Cruz

August 2, 2010
Rear Stable - Luke Hass Fucks Steve Cruz Steve Cruz is always a total cock pig in whatever scenario he finds himself in, but here with Luke Hass in this Rear Stable suck and fuck fest, he is the epitome of insatiable slut indeed. Steve is on his knees in seconds, working Luke's furry man meat immediately. Luke feeds it to him like a Master feeding his masses. So hot! Both are covered in all that spectacular hair we all love so much too. Once Steve has blessed Luke's dick with all the oral loving he possibly can give it, he bends over to get his man hole filled to the brim. Then Luke pulls Steve up on top of him so they can both go for the orgasmic ride of their lives. Yeah, these are REAL men, fucking like mean it folks!

Man Avenue - Criss Shows Off His Hot Ass

July 31, 2010
Man Avenue - Criss Shows Off His Hot Ass Man Avenue once again found themselves a wild one and his name is Criss. He's super lean, super sexy and loves doing a bit of flexing and ass spreading on video it would seem. Criss also happens to be blessed with a big, fat, uncut dick that foreskin lovers should not have an issue getting a hard-on over. This hunky amateur seems to have gotten into posing all over the house too. First stripping down in the kitchen, he slowly and teasingly showed off his fine assets. With nary an ounce of fat on his muscular frame, Criss is certainly fuck material. His boner is already at full mast, the cock head still covered in foreskin even when full hard. Talk about a tantalizing meal indeed. Making his way into the bedroom, Criss is hit with the compulsion to spread his pink man hole and show off that he really doesn't have much in the way of inhibitions!

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