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Man Avenue - CJ Blows His Load

February 7, 2010
Man Avenue - CJ Blows His Load A while back, CJ was found playing with a big dildo and Girth Brooks busted in on it and helped him out with a genuine big dick. It's always nice to get a perpective where the model is alone too though and here we get to see CJ's dildo shoot with Man Avenue. CJ loves things up his ass and as often as possible. We get to see CJ flex and mess around a bit before he sets about fucking his hungry man hole. It was a pretty hot day for this shoot, so he stopped by the refrigerator for a drink beforehand. Once he cooled off, he retired to the bedroom, bringing along his, fat, trusty rubber dildo to fuck his hungry man hole with. CJ was exceptionally honry on this day and soon blessed us all with a thick, juicy load of cum all over his hands and stomach. Tasty!

Hairy Boyz - Bruno and Junior Rim Ass

February 6, 2010
Hairy Boyz - Bruno and Junior Rim Ass When it cums to a couple of seriously masculine musclebears, you can't get much hotter than Bruno Bond and Junior Stellano from Hairy Boyz. There's enough muscle and hair on these fuckers to fill out a leather bar and then some. Add the tattoos and the fact that both are packing some nice sized cocks and this is a duo made in heaven. Or hell, whichever way you prefer to look at it. Bruno and Junior are actually very similar in appearance, forcing the perverted eye to take note of each stud equally. At least, from my own perspective anyway. Bruno starts off as the dominant party, feeding his perfect cock into Junior's deep throat. The way he looks down at his gorgeous counterpart while fucking his face is just sublime. Junior is soon bending over for some man hole servicing via Bruno's extremely tongue. The see such a perfectly sculpted pair of buttocks bent over for a rimjob is enough to see me right over the fucking edge!

English Lads - Tyler Gets His Ass Shagged

February 3, 2010
English Lads - Tyler Gets His Ass Shagged Tyler is pretty new to English Lads and well, porn in general. So he really had no idea what he was in for when he agreed to get fucked by hot lad Will. Will isn't the most ripped individual, but thrusting hips have been in serious training lately and the boy can fuck up a serious storm on a tight ass. The boys start with some passionate kissing, with Tyler undoing Will's pants to unleash his big, uncut dick. He strokes it to full erection and then decides he wants to continue the task with his hungry mouth. He may be new to porn, but the adorable twink sure can give head. it's not long before the boys are ready to shag and shag they do. With no less than six positions being navigated, Will fucks Tyler like he hasn't had a piece of tail in years!

Sean Cody - Kyle

February 1, 2010
Sean Cody - Kyle Sean Cody’s newest addition Kyle says he wants to get into fashion design or something similar. Of course, the questions started once he brought it up. “Have you had any experience with that?” “No, not yet.” Kyle says ever since he saw his first Abercrombie & Fitch catalog he’s felt this way. One look at him and he doesn’t cum across to me at all like the proverbial effeminate fashion designer. The man has some pretty sexy muscle going on to say the least. He is what I would consider “stud material”. Equipped with a good size cock that could be used on me any time Kyle saw fit, the man is something to behold indeed. A single, straight romantic, Kyle does like to party and gets his fair share of trim when he needs it. I can certainly see that. I get the feeling he might be into trying some new things though. Check this man out. What a body!

Alpha Male Fuckers - Rocco Fucks Ross

January 31, 2010
Alpha Male Fuckers - Rocco Fucks Ross Rocco from Alpha Male Fuckers had just recently set up his own gym and of course, being in such a position of authority, he takes advantages of all the perks that come with that. Ross Thurston is soon employed at the gym and it seems as though Rocco's reasons for hiring the muscle hunk don't all have to do with his experience at pumping iron. If there's one thing we know about Mr. Thurston too, it's that whenever a big, fat cock is waved in front of his face, he becomes a raging, lustful cocksucker. Rocco sets about taking advantage of his submissive employee while the rest of the gym staff have gone home for the night. Ross deep throated Rocco's big piece of iron for quite some time before standing up so that Rocco could eat out his hairy ass. Finally, Ross is bent over one of the machines and rammed hard, deep and fast like he loves to be fucked.

Randy Blue - Sexy Marine Jimmy

January 30, 2010
Randy Blue - Sexy Marine Jimmy Jimmy is a real, genuine marine. You can probably tell by his tattoos and that shaved head for one thing. Randy Blue took one look at this stud and simply had to show him off. Good thing for us! While Jimmy is not really a huge man, he’s packing some seriously lean mass on his slight frame. He looks just about as strong as a marine should be, that’s for sure. Of course, once he pulls his massive weapon of ass destruction out of his tidy whities, he suddenly becomes quite the giant man in my opinion. His cock is fucking huge even flaccid! Being a marine, Jimmy is straight of course. So he just stopped by to show us one America’s finest fighting men are producing these days. They’re doing a fine job aren’t they?! Amen!

UK Naked Men - Hot Truck Stop Sex

January 29, 2010
UK Naked Men - Hot Truck Stop Sex Etienne and Benoit from UK Naked Men are both a couple of truckers who seem to meet up during work hours. It also just so happens that they are looking for the same thing - some sexual release. It's Benoit who starts things off by pulling his very large, uncut cock and stroking it to full attention. Etienne loves what he's witnessing and reaches out to touch the monster dick growing with each second. Eventually, Etienne simple cannot resist having that fat cock down his throat and drops to his knees in order to do so. Benoit throws his head back in sheer ecstacy. For this is exactly what he's been looking for all day. The two truckers swap blowjobs for some time, not caring one bit who might witness their voracious, deep throating spectacle going on at the side of the road. Things get pretty heated to say the least and eventually Benoit fucks Etienne's tight french man hole hard and deep with his extra large cock!

Hot Older Male - Real Life Bear Couple Fucks

January 25, 2010
Hot Older Male - Real Life Bear Couple Fucks Hot Older Male met Conrad Morales and Lee Rivers at the Folsom Street Fair. They’re part of the sensational cast in the DVD Real Couples – 4. Right away they got naked for the cameras and were all over each other like only they know how. Lee is the younger of the two men and loves nothing more than servicing his Daddy’s big, fat cock. With both of his holes of course! Once the clothes are off, Lee drops to his knees to inhale Conrad’s formidable man meat. Conrad eventually reciprocates of course, making his submissive partner squirm and beg to be fucked. Lee is always up for Daddy to take him from behind so he can fill up his big, burly, hairy ass. There’s nothing like a real-life Daddy Bear couple fucking for all of us onlookers just like they do at home!

Circle Jerk Boys - Angel Gets Double Fucked

January 24, 2010
Circle Jerk Boys - Angel Gets Double Fucked Cock-starved Angel got all that he wanted and more taking stud Taz and Tinman. Circle Jerk Boys took total advantage of this hot trio and gave us a show we may never ever forget. I know I won’t any time soon. From sucking on both huge pricks at the same time, to taking it both of his ends in a sandwich, Angel was fed, and fed well. You really have to love these latino bottoms with their fiery lust and passion. Very few ethnic groups in the world have a sexual hunger like they do. Whatever it is they’re doing - bottoming or topping. Taz and Tinman had a great time with Angel’s hot holes and gave him his reward in a thick and sticky package. Two of them no less.

Bareback Masters: Raw Fucking Trio

January 23, 2010
Bareback Masters: Raw Fucking Trio Bud Allen and Hank Cruz from Bareback Masters are a couple of sales reps and make their way out into the field in order to close a deal with client Austin Black. Bud is a large, hairy man and in real life is rather dominant in his interactions with others. Behind closed doors sometimes though, it's yet another matter. As soon as Hank and Austin pull out their huge cocks, he is all submissive, leather, cocksucker and bareback bottom indeed. He immediately drops to his knees and engulfs the two men's extra large fuck rods, each becoming needy as he warms up his mouth accordingly to their girths and lengths. Austin decides that he wants to fuck Hanks's hairy man hole and while he does this, Bud continues to blow Hank. Talk about the best of both worlds! Hank is of course beside himself with lustful abandon during this scene. Eventually though, it is Bud who becomes the needy bottom and requests a big, hard dick pounding him in both ends.

Teach Twinks - Teacher Fucks Hot Twink

January 22, 2010
Teach Twinks - Teacher Fucks Hot Twink Some boys are just too bad for words and when the teacher is a nasty pervert then the punishment is usually pretty severe. This student from Teach Twinks got mouthy during class and made a mockery of the teacher’s lesson. He was warned several times but didn’t want to listen. Well he was certainly paying attention after class once the teacher had him bent over a desk taking a good ass spanking. Of course, that’s not the only thing the kinky teacher wanted out of his tight twink ass. Once his sweet buttocks were nice and crimson red it was time to open up and take a big hard cock. The twink bends right over the teacher's desk and takes every long inch of his mentor's man meat deep and hard. In all honesty, I do believe the boy liked every bit of his punishment too!

Straight Boys Jerk Off - Euro Twink Wanks Off

January 20, 2010
Straight Boys Jerk Off - Euro Twink Wanks Off Do you like young straight Euro twinks jerking their cocks for you? If that’s the case, then Herro here from Straight Boys Jerk Off could be right up your alley for sure. He’s a totally naturally looking bloke, and even has a little baby fat still left on him as you can see. He’s got a most intriguing looking cock, but it’s a good handful at least. He’s not shaving yet, has that true baby face thing going on, and is basically a walking hormone. Just how we like them. He was a tad nervous of course at first. But you know these young punks right. Once they get a hardon they want to stick it anywhere they can in order to get off. Shit, where was I when he did this shoot? He He.

HDK - Masked Bareback Double Fuck

January 18, 2010
HDK - Masked Bareback Double Fuck What could be better than a couple of masked tops taking on an insatiable bottom bareback? Not much in my books. HDK Central brought together three of their most hardcore, horny sex pigs and provide us with a doubled ended fucking that had me drooling from both my cock and my mouth simulaneously. Both tops are packing some serious dick sizes too, so the sexy, hairy bottom sure had his hands, mouth and ass full. The stud in the red mask is so well hung in fact, that he can actually fuck ass and suck the bottom's cock at the same time! What's more is that both fuckers are muscular dynamos with enough thrusting power to even satisfy a seriously hungry cock taker like this fuckee. The masked marvels move him into many positions, manipulating his tight man hole in any way they see fit. Whether he's on his back with a cock in his mouth and one laying into his asshole, like is happening before our very eyes in the collage, or whether he's on his submissive bitch knees like you will see in the full video, he handles it all just fine indeed!

Cocksure Men - Bo Fucks Park Hard

January 17, 2010
Cocksure Men - Bo Fucks Park Hard Park Wiley may be an insatiable bottom, but if there's one thing we know about this hot cock taker it's that he's still all power. Hence, why Cocksure Men hooked him up with just as powerful Bo Dean. With his hot bodyart covering a good portion of his physique, Bo's got that fantastically hot bad boy image going on. Especially when he's laying his huge man pipe to a willing ass like Park's. Park literally attacks Bo's fat man meat, almost ripping his shorts off to get at it. Bo is all for that, but he also loves to have a fat cock down his own throat. So a 69 is certainly in order to get things heated up. After a good amount of a two-can-chew, Bo decided he wants that tight ass wrapped around his stud stick and we all know Park will never turn that down. First Park takes it while laying on his back, but eventually ends up with his ass in the air while Bo fucks the hell out of it!

Sean Cody: Str8 Muscleman Alexander

January 16, 2010
Sean Cody: Str8 Muscleman Alexander Sean Cody has yet another hot new hunk for us and his name is Alexander. Now, one of the first things that you might notice about this hottie is his very large muscular build. How can you not? He’s 27 years old and has been working that gorgeous body of his for a good amount of years now. It also helps that he’s Russian I would imagine and yes, he does have a sexy accent! The next thing you will definitely notice about Alexander is the incredible curve to his cock. “Doesn’t it make fucking kind of hard?” Everyone asked him the first time they saw him. “No,” he said, with a charming smile. “They actually tell me it hits their G-Spot just right.” I bet the ladies aren’t complaining about that. No doubt a guy wouldn't either if Alexander gets bent one day and fucks one!

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