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Video Box Men Review (VideoBoxMen)

Video Box Men Review
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A large collection of DVDs in their component scene to view and download in various formats; frequent updates and great value for money are offered here.
I’m all in favour of this site because it gives you so much choice and because it is so simple to use. It’s well set out, it’s easy to get around, there is information and good samples pics help you decide what you want to see. You've also got the o
I have no idea why I could not download anything here; the links were there but nothing happened when I tried them, there was no ‘save as’ option when I tried right clicking to download. That was about my only issue with the site.

Video Box Men Ratings

Content Quantity: 18/20
There are many studios presenting their work here but, in the main, the site chooses only the best quality productions and known studios – though there are some smaller ones their quality is fine too. Similarly the stars and amateurs alike put in good performances.
Content Quality: 20/20
You’ve got good numbers here. 7,462 scenes, 1,607 DVDs and 785 clips. That’s a great content count and it’s all easy to search and sort through.
Updates: 9/10
Put it this way: I looked at the site two days ago and then again today and there had been seven new scenes added in that time. There looks to be a new DVD added to this site every day, which is a pretty hot upload schedule.
Exclusivity: 5/10
The site doesn’t carry exclusive content, and the themes of what it has are not original of course, as it is a generic site; but it does lay it all out in a neat and simple, almost original way.
Features & Extras: 7/10
There are links to some suggested sites though these are not necessarily included in your membership. There are good details about the movies though and lists of stars and studios, with some extra information about some of the DVDs. You also have the neat feature of creating your own custom clips.
Navigation, Design: 10/10
Navigation is not a problem. You've got a few main menu tabs and you've got clear links to all the movies. You browse via the box shots or by category lists, you can search stars and studios or the whole site by keywords, everything is neatly laid out and getting around the big site is not a problem.
Speed: 8/10
The buffer rate was fine and you've got a choice of stream quality which will affect the speed at which the stream happens. I wasn’t able to download on my visit.
Value: 9/10
The full monthly price is a bit of a steal considering you have so much content to choose from. There is a cheaper option as well but you won’t get the DVD resolution versions if you go for this one. But either way you look at it you get very good value for money here.

Pricing & Content

Price & Payment Price & Payment
$17.95 for one month recurring
$99.51 for ten months non-recurring
$9.95 per month recurring without DVD resolution
Content Content
Videos: 7,462 scenes
Video Format: WMV. H.264, iPhone, Flash
Categories Categories
Extras Extras
Studio, stars lists
Overall Rating: 86% Quality Site!
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Full Video Box Men Review

Video Box Men is the perfect DVD theatre to use when you want to watch hot porn at a low price. It’s like waling into a warehouse of hot movies, you are faced with thousands of scenes from over one thousand DVDs. So you might think it’s a bit of a daunting task. But it is not. Because… This site has a great long list of categories, so getting started is easy. You can find your particular favourite category and see what’s in there, or you can use the search engine and look for your fav stars. You've also got lists of stars by name to look through and there is also a list of studios, and there are many of them. Or else, if you rather, you can simply start your adventure on the home page and click a box shot. What you see on the tour is what you get in the members’ area so you will know, once you have been to the tour, exactly what is on offer here. But until you sign up you won't be able to watch or download the full movies. You've got three sign up options, the cheapest version doesn’t let you have the DVD quality/resolution files but the others are fine for viewing, the ten month option is a good deal but even the recurring once a month sign up offer is great value when you think how much content there is in here. So,
Members Area Screenshots
from twinks to bears and through all kinds of genres you've got years’ worth of viewing ahead of you when you join Video Box Men. The quality is generally fine throughout – most of the studios here are known for quality productions. You've got good viewing options and information too. The only problem I had was in finding a DVD I could download. The links were there but even with a right click there was no ‘save as’ ability for some reason. I checked the good and extensive help department but nothing there suggested this would be a problem, so maybe it was an issue with my browsers, though I did try two browsers and had the same problem in each. If you encounter this I am sure a quick email to the webmasters will have the problem solved in no time. Yes this is a straightforward and well stocked DVD theatre just like many others that are out there, so why choose this one? I don't know, there’s something very appealing about it, I love the way it all works simply and well, I like the range of studios too and there are many here that even I have not seen before, so that gave me something new to check out.
And I think that’s the main point. Yes, there are many similar sites out there and yes you may well have seen some of this content before. But the chances are, as there is so much content and some of it is obscure, and because there are daily updates, you’re going to find a huge amount of movies in here that you won’t have seen before – but you are going to want to see them again, that’s for sure.
Overall Rating: 86% Quality Site!
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