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Schoolboy Secrets Porn Site Review

Schoolboy Secrets Review (SchoolboySecrets)

Schoolboy Secrets Review
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Schoolboy Secrets gets down to tackling the intergenerational theme and it does it well. Some of the boys may be on the older side and some of the old guys maybe a bit on the ugly side, but you get reality porn which is exclusive, plus loads of bonuses and extras too.
Regular updates. Lots of extra content. The site keeps its tour promises.
Not all the boys are ‘cute’.

Schoolboy Secrets Ratings

Content Quantity: 18/20
The hand held filming gives a reality feel to the scenes which are available in two qualities. The digital images are good quality and even the screen caps are not bad.
Content Quality: 20/20
Well, top marks here for providing members not only with a good number of exclusives but also a good number of bonus features and content too, including stories, galleries and movies.
Updates: 9/10
You have a new exclusive movie here every week giving you something new to look forward to on a regular basis. Content is posted with its upload dates.
Exclusivity: 8/10
Not everything on the site is exclusive but there are lots of original movies plus good things from elsewhere.
Features & Extras: 7/10
There are no zip file downloads or favourites areas but you do get plenty of written information with each movie and gallery. There are links to a live cam and a dating site and there is a contacts page.
Navigation, Design: 7/10
The drop down page lists make it easy to find your way around. Movies have their own pages with screencaps added, the galleries are similarly easy to navigate. The design is consistent
Speed: 7/10
downloads happen at 76kbps.
Value: 9/10
This is a great price for the amount of content and extras that you get and worth paying for the four new movies and galleries every month.

Pricing & Content

Price & Payment Price & Payment
$29.95 for s0 days (recurring)

Payment Options: Cards. Cheque. DirectPay EU
Content Content
Pictures: 141 galleries x 100 pics
Videos: 164 movies x 20 mins
Video Format: WMV
Categories Categories
Primary: Twinks / Boys
Extras Extras
151 bonus movies. 164 screencap galleries with 100 pics each. 60 Euroboy Movies. 177 bonus galleries. 65 stories. Four 3D galleries.
Overall Rating: 85% Quality Site!
Why not see for yourself?

Full Schoolboy Secrets Review

What’s your definition of the word ‘cute’? It’s a hard one to pin down because what one person thinks is cute will be different to what the next person thinks. So forgive me for saying that some of the lads at this site aren’t what I, personally, would call cute. Between 18 and 25, yes, but youth doesn’t equal good looking. And don’t get me started on the older guys! But, that’s just me. Schoolboy Secrets finds its (Russian?) men and uses them in their exclusive films which all stay on the same ‘older & younger together’ theme. If you like rough and ready (with some more classic twink types too) then you'll love this site.

The videoing tends to be of the handheld variety with the camera moving around the room as the action unfolds. Here you do get some build ups to the scenes. Sometimes it’s a couple of drunk guys falling into bed and getting on with it and at other times there is resistance from the younger guy as the older one makes his advances – but they all finally give in. Hardcore sex scenes ensue.

These tend to run for around 20 minutes and are available in streaming parts, or as a full download.
You have various resolutions here as the site has been running for some time and the quality of the scenes has moved with the times. The older videos can be as low as 432 @ 384 x 288 in size with the more up to date ones being a much better 1.34 @ 640 x 480. There are a couple of other sizes in between and even the low quality ones are perfectly watchable. The buffering and streaming happens with no problem and you have natural soundtracks (get your Russian phrase book out). You are given a brief description of each scene plus the run times, file sizes and so on. The site is neatly laid out so that navigation is easy with all pages following the same design. Drop down menus lead you to the 164 exclusive episodes all of which come with screen cap galleries.

The top menu leads you to the rest of the content and there is a shed load of it. You have exclusive galleries featuring some of the boys from the movies; these have an average 100 pics per set at 800 x 600 px, certainly in the more modern ones. You have to click, open and close to view individual shots but that’s not too much of a problem. And then you can access all the bonus material which includes EuroBoy movies (they’ve found some better looking boys for this) and other bonus movies which are really clips, at one minute each.
There are hundreds more images in the extra galleries and then something rather odd – a set of 3D galleries; computer generated images but still on the younger/older theme. There are also links to chat and dating sites but that’s kind of standard these days.

No, the best things about School Boy Secrets are the exclusive videos on the intergenerational theme. And the topping and bottoming goes both ways, with the guys switching roles, so it’s not all ‘older guy does young twink’ material. Yes, some of the cast members look like they were found at some local institution for the bewildered but that’s realty for you – and many of the others are very cute, whichever way you look at it.
Overall Rating: 85% Quality Site!
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